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"Shall we?" ♥ 17

Last chapter: Gabriella told Demi that Wilmer had slept with her the same night Demi left Mexico and so Wilmer and Demi broke up.

Demi opened the door. Wilmer as standing there just staring at her. Demi wasn't really shocked so she just sighed.
Demi: What are you doing here, Wilmer?
Wilmer raises his hand and slaps her hard.
Demi gasps and covers her cheek with her hand.
Her lip was trembling and her eyes ere filled with tears but she didn't want to cry infront of him.
Demi: *turns away from him*
Wilmer: You slut. How dare you break up with me after kissing Joe?
*phone rings loudly*
Demi jumps out of her bed and takes deep breaths.
It was just a dream.
Still shaking she answers the phone.
Sam: Hey, Demi. It's me.
Demi: Oh, hi.
Sam: Are you okay?
Demi: Er... Yes. I'm fine. What's up?
Sam: I have nothing to do today. Gabriella left yesterday.
Demi: Oh. Where's she going?
Sam: Don't know. She said something about Europe.. Anyway, I as wondering if you wanted to have dinner with me?
Demi: *silence* You mean... like a date?
Sam: *chuckles* No, just two friends having dinner.
Demi: *swallows* Oh right. Ofcourse.
Demi felt a bit dissapointed, but she knew she wasn't ready to move on from Wilmer.
Sam: Er, it's 7 p.m. now, so how about we meet at the lobby in 30?
Demi: Okay, sure. Bye, Sam.
Sam: See you.
*end of convo*
Demi tore of her clothes and jumped into the shower. With her hair still damp, she put on a dress, and at the same time tried to blow dry her hair. She had 20 minutes left so she put on her make up in a hast, and put up her hair in a bun. Demi put on her shoes and her diamond earrings. Just as she was about to shut the door behind her, her phone startefd to ring.
Demi: Ugh..
She went back into her room and answered the phone.
Demi: Hello?
Demi: Hi.. Mom. Um, I'm on a little trip.
Dianna: You're coming back home. Now.
Demi: Mom, I'm 19. You can't keep telling me what to do.
Dianna: Watch me. As soon as you get back here, you're grounded. For 3 weeks.
Demi: Well, good luck with that! *feels guilty* Bye.
Demi hangs up and rushes down the stairs.
She was 10 minutes late.
She looked around and immediatley her eyes landed on Sam.
He looked gorgeous. Like, amazingly hot. All the girls were around him, but when he turned around and saw Demi, he just walked out of there.
Sam: Wow. You look... Wow.
Demi was wearing this: http://www.polyvore.com/demi_18/set?id=48028736
Hair and make up: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=48028801
Demi looked down with a smile on her face, and red cheeks.
Demi: You too.
Sam looked amused when he saw Demi blushing.
Sam: Shall we? *offers Demi his arm*
Demi: *giggles and puts her arm in his* We shall.

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