fredag 29 juni 2012

"You could just stay with me?" ♥ 23

Last Chapter: Demi was at a signing and Joe showed up. 

Sam's POV:
She was sitting in one of the chairs and next to her was a girl, about 10 years old.
She was holding a rose in her hand, and I noticed that she had a rose in her hand. 
I went up to her, with a big smile on my face.

Sam: Demi!
Demi turned around and her face immediatley lit up.
"SAM!" She screamed, and jumped in to his arms.
Sam spun her around and laughed, and put her back down on the floor.
They looked into eachother's eyes with big smiles on their faces.
Demi: Gosh, I missed you so much. *strokes his cheek*
Sam: I honestly think I missed you much more. *laughs*
Demi remember Maddie was sitting right next to her, so she pointed at her and said: "Oh right, um this is my little sister, Maddie." Sam shook her hand and smiled at her. "I like your blue hair." Maddie touched her hair without being aware of it and blushed.
"Thanks..." She mumbled and grabbed Demi's hand.
Sam: I'm gonna go and try to find a cab.
Demi: Where are you staying?
Sam: *shrugs* I don't know. Four seasons? 
Demi: *raises eyebrows* Whoa.. Or you know.. You could just stay with me?
Sam: *stops walking and turns around* Really?
Demi: Yeah, it'll be fun. Two besties sharing a house..
Sam started chuckling. Demi gave him a gentle push.
Demi: What?
Sam: Did you say besties?
Demi: Yeah. We are besties, aren't we?
Sam put his arm around her shoulder and kissed her on her forehead.
Sam: Ofcourse.

They found a taxi and while Maddie was playing with Demi's hair, she whispered in her ear: "I like Sam more than Wilmer."
Demi giggled and leaned in close to her. "He likes you too."
Demi: Yay, finally home!

Joe's POV:
I sat down on the chair and sighed.
"A double vodka on the rocks."
The bartender nodded and started making my drink.
I felt a tickle in my ear and the smell of perfume.
"Hey baby. Missed me?" She whispered in my ear and leaned forward from behind, so that her hand could glide down my chest.
I spun around on my chair and smiled.
I stood up and kissed her on the cheek.
Jenna and I had known eachother since we were teenagers, when she moved to my neighbor hood from London and when she turned 19 she got a modelling contract and moved  to New York.
She was very succesful and lots of fun to hang around.
She looks like this:

Jenna: So, how are you love? Are you and Demi still hitting it off?
Joe: How do you know about Demi?
Jenna: Don't you think I've been keeping an eye on you? So tell me, how is she?
Joe looked down and swiped another shot.
Jenna: Hm.. Love problems. *runs her fingers through joe's hair* Cheer up mate, there will always be other girls.
Joe shook his head.
"No. There won't be. Jenna, she's special. I love her."
Jenna looked at him for a minute before she shrugged and said, "If you two are meant to be, it'll happen. Now, let's dance."

Demi and Sam were watching American Idol on the TV and eating pizza.
Demi put her head on his shoulder and sighed. "This is awesome."
Sam nodded and smiled. He got silent and Demi felt something was wrong.
She looked at him with worried eyes and nudged him.
"Hey, what's wrong?"
Sam sighed and tried to brush it off.
"No, nothing's wrong."
Demi made him look at her.
"I can tell when you're lying. Tell me."
Sam put down his pizza slice and turned to Demi.
"I told you I work in the music industry, right?"
Demi nodded.
"Well, I had a long talk with your dad and..."


lördag 16 juni 2012

"I shouldn't have kissed you." ♥ 22

Last chapter: Wilmer told Demi that Gabriella was really his sister.

Hair & make-up:
Demi was sitting on an uncomfortable chair infront of a long table. She was at a signing in Los Angeles. It had been a while since she was doing stuffs like this, and she had really missed it. About 500 girls and maybe, 50, boys had shown up to the meet & greet/signing.
A short girl with dark hair and big brown eyes came up to her. On her forehead she had written 'DEMI' and on her arms it said 'Stay Strong' and 'Unbroken'. The girl was shaking, crying and had her hand over her mouth as if she couldn't believe she was meeting Demi.

Demi's POV:
My heart skipped a beat. This was why I love my fans. No, scratch that. My Lovatics. They are so dedicated, and have so much love for me. They're my everything.
Demi looked up at the girl and shook her shaking hand.
Demi: Hi sweetie. How are you? *takes a copy of her album*
Girl: Oh my gosh... I can't believe this. Demi, I love you so much.
Demi: Aww, I love you too. *giggles* ... Here you go *signs the copy*
Girl: Thank you so much! Um.. Can I get a hug?
Demi: *smiles and stands up* Ofcourse!
Girl: *squeaks* Thank you so much!

After the signing she had a press conference. Demi was sitting on the same chair, but now she had a microphone infront of her.
The Q&A was ready to start.
Demi: Hey everyone. Thank you for coming. I will answer some questions about the album and my work.
A woman with pale skin and long black hair raised her pen.
Woman: Demi, there has been alot of spectaculations about you and former boyfriend Joe Jonas, when the two of you were seen kissing the other day. Why did you do it?
Demi: Er... As I said, I'm only answering questions about my music.
Woman: I'm sorry, but I'm sure alot of people wonder. How is Wilmer holding up?
Demi: You'd have to ask him.
The woman and Demi both glared at eachother.
Demi: Anyone else have a question?
A man stepped forward.
Man: Why did you fled to Mexico? Did you meet talk to Wilmer's family?

Demi's POV:
They were all shouting questions to me about Joe and Wilmer. I just felt like sinking under the earth, and never come back.
"Joe and I have known eachother for four years, and he is a sweet guy. The kiss we exchanged however, was an accident and has more to it than you know.  Can we please focus on my music now?" I said and gave them a look of desperation.

~2 hours later~

The signing was over and even though Demi was tired, she was very happy and excited.
She started packing her stuff and waved off some fans.
She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket, but when she picked it up, she dropped it.

Joe's POV:
I saw her from a distance. I didn't want to approach her just yet, in case she was still upset. She looked so beautiful. "Damn it.." I heard her mumble under her breathe as she dropped her phone. I had missed her so much, and this was my chance.

Demi's POV:
I bent down to pick it up, but someone was quicker. I looked up and saw him. Joe.
He smiled at me and handed over my phone, and I was too shocked to say anything at all.
He put his hand on my waist and took a deep breath.
"Listen, Dem. I am so sorry. I shouldn't have kissed you. I know what I did was wrong, and I am so so sorry."
I scoffed and shook my head.
"You are sorry? Do you know what I have gone through because of you. I fled to Mexico, Joe. Mexico! Everyone are looking at me weirdly, I only get asked about you during interviews... Stop smiling, Joe. And I broke up with my boyfriend...
Joe's grip around her waist hardened.
"You ended it with Wilmer?" The words that came out of his mouth, were more like a statement than a question.
I pulled away from him and started walking towards the door, but at the same time I wanted him to come after me.
Which he did.
"Hey, Dem, wait!"
He held my hand and spun me around so that my chest was against his,
We stood face to face and he smiled at me.
"I love you, I always have, and I always will.."
He stroked my cheek and it surprised me, but it felt... familiar.
He held me in his arms for a while and kissed me on my cheek.
"Congratulations, on being on the X-Factor," he murmured softly, and his breath tickled my ear.
"Thanks... Joe, I miss you, and when you hold me I feel something inside of me. It's like... I know you."
Joe looked at me with sad eyes.
"If only we could turn back time.." He said and let go of my hands.
He put his finger to my lips and I stopped talking.
"Demi, I'm not gonna try to make you love me. But, I just want you to know you're the one."
I didn't know what to say or do.

Sam, Wilmer and Joe all love Demi. Who deserves her the most? :/

måndag 11 juni 2012

"I haven't stopped thinking about you." ♥ 21

Last Chapter: Wilmer got invited over to Demi's house to celebrate her being a judge on the X-Factor. He was about to tell her something important about Gabriella before Dallas interrupted...

Demi pulled Wilmer into her bedroom and shut the door behind her.
Demi: No one is here. You can tell me now.
Wilmer: *sighs* Gabriella and I have known eachother our whole lives. We grew up together.
Demi: You're not saying...?
Wilmer: Yeah, Gabriella was my sister. I had a great childhood, but Gabriella... not so much. Our dad would beat her and touch her, inappropiatley.
Demi sat down next to him, with her heart racing and a shocked expression on her pale face.
Wilmer: But when she turned 15, we finally knew why she had been treated like an outcast. She wasn't my father's daughter. She was my aunt's daughter, my cousin. And when my aunt died, my mother took Gabriella to our house and loved her just like her own daughter. Unfortunatley, my father was veryupset about the fact that he had to feed anouther mouth, another child that wasn't even his, and he took out all of his rage at Gabriella.
Demi noticed Wilmer's eyes were filled with tears, and so were hers.
She stroked his cheek and held his shaking hands in hers.
Demi: *whispers* Why didn't just tell me the truth?
Wilmer:When she found out about her biological mother, she ran away from home. And we hadn't seen her since, until the day you came. It was such a big shock, and I couldn't tell you the true story. I was too devestated. I mean I have a nephew I don't know about.
Demi wiped away the tears that were slowly trickling down his cheeks. They both looked at eachother and Demi smiled, with tears in her eyes.
Wilmer: I'm so sorry princess.
Demi: No, I am sorry. *hugs him* I shouldn't have believed her.
Wilmer: It's okay. And why are you sorry? You never did anything wrong. Oh Demi, I haven't stopped thinking about you.
Demi: *turns away* Err.. Wilmer. When we broke up, I kind of... went out with another guy.
Wilmer looked down with a sad face.
Wilmer: Was it anything serious?
Demi: I don't know. It could've been, but now when you've told me the truth, everything has changed. Oh, I don't know what to do.
Wilmer planted a soft kiss on the side of her lips and looked at her with tender eyes.
Wilmer: Whoever you choose... I will always love you. Here.
He picked up his bag from the floor and brought out a bracelet.
Wilmer: Here is my promise. *puts on the bracelet*

torsdag 7 juni 2012

"This is like a total dream coming true." ♥ 20

Last Chapter: Selena told Demi she loved Joe, and Simon Cowell called Demi and asked her if she wanted to be an X-Factor Judge. Demi said YES!

Demi stepped in to the limousine. The first person she saw was Simon Cowell. 
Simon: Ah, Miss. Demi Lovato! *he beamed at her*
Demi: Hi! *sits down next to him* I'm so glad to be here. *shakes his hand*
Simon: That's great. Demi, this is L.A Reid. You probably already know who he is.
Demi: Oh my gosh, ofcourse! It's such an honour to meet you. *shakes his hand*
L.A: Same here. Your vocals are crazy. Me and Simon sat down and listened to... *snaps fingers* what song was that again?
Simon: Skyscraper.
L.A: Yeah, right. It's crazy.
Demi: *giggles* Thank you so much.

~They arrive and enter the restaurant~

Inside the restaurant was Britney waiting for them.
Simon and L.A greeted her with a kiss on the cheek, but when Demi reached to the table.. She was stunned.
Demi: Hey, Britney. *hugs her* I can't believe I'm actually working with you. This is like a total dream coming true.
Britney: *laughs* Aw, you're so sweet. I'm very happy to be working with you too. Have a seat. *claps the chair next to her*
Demi sits down and Simon hands her a menu.
L.A: So, as you all know, we're here to talk about the X-Factor.
Simon: Exactly. Your agents have told you guys about the contracts right?
Demi: Yeah, are we supposed to sign it tonight?
Simon: Yeah, but I was thinking we'd talk first. So, we'll start off in Austin, Texas...

They talked for about an hour and ate ate the same time. The food was delicious and Demi was finally ready to leave Disney behind. They agreed and she signed a contract worth $7.000.000.

Demi and Britney hugged eachother as they said goodbye.
Simon: Alright Demi, see you soon!
L.A: Take care.
Demi: You too. *smiles and waves as she steps out of car* Bye!
Demi shut the door behind her and watched the black limousine drive away.

As soon as she got home, she got a call from her mom, Dianna, saying the whole family was coming over in about an hour. So Demi got ready and dressed.
Jewellery & make-up:

~At home~
Dianna: Oh, sweetie. *hugs Demi* I'm so so proud of you!¨
Eddie puts his hand on Demi's shoulder and his face is shining.
Eddie: Yes honey. We couldn't be more proud.
Demi: Aw, daddy. *hugs him*
The whole De La Garza/Lovato family was at Demi's place and they were celebrating Demi's success.
Demi felt her phone buzz in her hand. It was a text from Sam.
Demi felt her heart race and her hands sweat. Sam. 
Demi bit her lip and felt stupid. How could she forget? Well, it was that night when they went out and she was too focused on his lips to really listen to what he was talking about.
It felt like an eternity before he replied. Maybe that was a stupid thing to say. Ugh, Demi wished she could delete her sent messages. Was she moving too fast? Should she even be missing him? What if he had moved on with a new girl? It had been a whole week after all...
Demi squealed and jumped with happiness.
Demi: CAN'T WAIT!! :D
Suddenly she heard a familiar voice close to her ear.
Wilmer: Hi.
Demi turned around and they stood eye to eye.
Demi: What are you doing here?
Wilmer: Your fam invited me. I'm guessing you didn't tell them we broke up?
Demi shook her head and avoided meeting his eyes.
Wilmer put his finger under her chin and made her look at him.
Wilmer: Hey, Demi. *soft voice* I would never cheat on you, and you know it. Gabriella is a liar. After you left that night, my mom came to me and we talked for a long time. Demi, there's something you need to know. Gabriella and I were never married. She is...
Dallas: Hey lovebirds! Dinner's ready.
Demi: We'll be right there. We were talking about something rather important.
Dallas: Save it for later. *drags them both to the kitchen table*

What is Gabriella really to Wilmer? Why didn't he tell Demi?
It felt like an eternity before he finally replied.
Demi let out a sigh of relief, and she remembered that she was talking to Sam. He wasn't ever going to let her down.