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"He was drop dead gorgeous." ♥ 16

Last chapter: Sam and Gabriella (Wilmer's wife) are dating. Gabriella was telling Demi something that made Demi shocked.

Demi was wearing this: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=47646663
Gabriella looked at Demi with a sad, sincere look in her eyes.
Demi: What? You can't be serious..
Gabriella: Yeah, it's true. I'm sorry, but I had to tell you.
Demi felt like throwing up. She had a huge lump in her throath and her eyes were filled with tears, but she wasn't going to cry. Not infront of Gabriella.
She just looked down and shook her head.
Gabriella: I'm sorry sweetie.
She got up and left the room.
Demi buried her head in her hands and cried. This was just like her last meeting with Gabriella, but 10 times worse.
How could he?
Demi was shaking and crying and swearing and screaming, until she had enough.
Demi picked up the phone and called him.
Wilmer: Hello?
Demi: It's me.
Wilmer: How could you?
Demi: How could you?
Wilmer: Me? What did I do? You're the one who KISSED JOE!
Demi: He kissed me!! But what you did with Gabriella, that's just low. Sleeping with her the same night I leave?
*hangs up*

The phone rang again, and again, and again. But Demi didn't want to talk to him. He was just a jerk and not her prince charming. She actually thought he was the one.
Demi bursts out crying again and just then she hears someone knock on her door.
Demi: *mutters* Finally, the room service is here. Come in!
The door opened, but it wasn't any staff standing there. It was Sam.
He was wearing a black, tight tshirt, and jeans. He was drop dead gorgeous. You could tell he had abs.
Demi looked away in embarrassment.
Demi: Uhm, hi.
Sam: *walks over to her* I'm sorry, but do you need to talk to someone?
Demi: I'm okay. *fake smile*
Sam: *sits down besides her* You don't look fine. It's Gabriella, isn't it. What did she say?
Demi: Er...
Sam: I already know stuff about you. *chuckles* It's okay, tell me.
Demi: I don't want you guys to be upset with each other. I would hate it if I'd make a couple argue. I'm not...
Sam: *laughs* A couple?!
Demi: Yeah? You're dating, aren't you?
Sam: No, no. She's my sister.
Demi: *confused face* You're... sister? But..
Sam: Yeah, I know. We don't really look alike.. Well, I'm adopted.
Demi: *blushes and looks down* Oh, sorry. *laughs* Wow I feel dumb right now.
Sam: It's okay. *smiles*
He put his hands over Demi's and Demi looked down at their hands, touching.
Sam pulled his hand away, but the warm feeling was still left on Demi's fingers....

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