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"Why on earth did she get that tattoo?" ♥ 12

Last chapter: Demi is in the hospital, and when Joe came to visit her she didn't know who he was. The doctors ran some tests on her and  they concluded that she had amnesia.

Eddie, Demi's stepfather, and her mom were sitting besides her in the cab. Demi looked out of the window and felt the tears gathering in her eyes. She was so confused. She didn't know who she was anymore. When had she gotten her hair dyed? Why on earth did she get that tattoo? And... Who was Joe? She needed to sort everything out. 

Joe's POV:
I slammed the door shut and laid down on my bed. Why was Demi doing this to me? I know I don't deserve her, but can she atleast talk to me? I sighed and slowly got up. My phone started buzzing in pocket, so I picked it up to see who was calling. It was Melissa.

~Phone convo~ 
Joe: Hey baby.
Melissa: Joe, we need to talk. It's important.
Joe: *gets worried* Why? What's wrong?
Melissa: *long pause* Should I come over to your place, or...?
Joe: Yeah, yeah, ofcourse. 
Melissa: Okay... Um, bye.

Joe ran his finger through his hair. What was wrong? Was... Was Melissa going to break up with him?

Wilmer's POV:
I knocked on Demi's door. There was no answer. I sat down on her porch and decided to wait. Suddenly, the door behind me opened up and Eddie was looking down at me. I knew he didn't like me, but I really needed to see Demi.
Wilmer: Good morning sir. May I speak to Demi?
Eddie: Relax son. 
Wilmer: *nods* So... Can I come in?
Eddie: Come back tomorrow. She needs to rest and...
Demi ran past Eddie and out to Wilmer. She jumped up in his arms and let him hold her. Wilmer stroked her hair and he could feel that her cheeks were wet from crying. He held her face in his hands and murmured "It will be okay, princess", and then he wiped away the tears from her cheek. Demi grabbed his hand. 
Demi: "Dad, I need to talk to Wilmer. See you soon."
She pulled him towards her car, when he said: "Let's go for a drive", and walked over to his car instead.
They sat down and as Demi was putting on her seatbelt, Wilmer took a closer look at her.
"Demi, I hope you know how happy I am to see you again. You know.. Not in a bed at the hospital. Awake. Breathing..."
Demi: Yeah I get it.
Wilmer: *sighs* The point is, I'm so thankful  you're okay.
Demi: *smiles* I love you.
Wilmer puts his hand on her cheek and kisses her gently.
Demi: What do you say about us getting away? Just for like, a weekend?
Wilmer: Are you sure?
Demi: *nods eagerly* I really need to get away. From everything.
Wilmer: Ofcourse. Um, where do you want to go?
Demi: I want to go to... Florida.
Wilmer: Florida? Really?
Demi: Yeah.. Let's bring some of our friends, like Miley, Hannah and Marissa. You can bring your friends too, and we'll go all together.
Wilmer: Sounds like fun.
He takes Demi's hand and kisses it.
They started driving, and someone stepped infront of the car. Wilmer slammed his foot on the break, and the person infront of him was...


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