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"This weekend will be magical." ♥ 6

Last chapter: Demi and Wilmer decided to go away for the weekend and Joe slept with another girl.

Wilmer: 'Ready to go?'
Demi: *looks around in her room* Yeah, I think I packed pretty much... everything. *laughs*
Wilmer: *chuckles* This weekend will be magical. *kisses her softly on her lips*
Demi: *smiles and strokes his cheek* I know it will be.

Wilmer takes Demi's luggage to the cab, that was waiting for them outside, and they hed off to LAX.
Wilmer took Demi's hand and smiled at her.
Wilmer's POV:
I'm so happy to be spending the weekend with Demi. She doesn't know that I'm taking her to a suprise trip to Mexico...

Demi was anxious and felt like something was wrong. Something was really wrong.
She picked up her phone and texted Joe.
Demi: Hey. Just wanted to let U know that I'm going on a trip with Wilmer 4 the weekend. Why haven't u called me?
Joe: See U when U get back. Have fun.

Demi sighed and out the phone back into her pocket. What was up with him? One day he says he's in love with her, and the next he's ignoring her. She knew he was unreliable, but she couldn't imagine her life without him. That's why she wrote 'Here We Go Again' about him.
"You only hear half of what I say, and you're always showing up too late. And I know that I should say goodbye, but it's no use. Can't stay with or without you."

Demi's POV:
But then again this weekend was about her and Wilmer. I was not going to let Joe ruin it. And why wasn't he talking to me? He was acting like such a douche. I mean why would I want him when I have Wilmer? Ugh... Stop thinking about Joe, will be harder than I thought.
The cab pulled up at LAX. Why were we here?
They went out of the car and were attacked by papparazzis. Demi covered her face, but they just kept getting closer. Wilmer took her hand and lead her out of the chaos. When they were inside, Demi put on her sunglasses and shook her head.
Demi: "They were crazier than ever. But, now everyone knows about us."
Wilmer: *studies Demi's face* "You okay with that?"
Demi: *smiles big* Ofcourse. *kisses him and the paps go wild*

Demi: Wilmer...?
Wilmer: Surprise princess! We're going to Mexico!
Demi: *jumps on him* What? Oh my gosh, I love you! *kisses him multiply times*
Wilmer: *laughs* Hurry before we miss our flight.
Demi: *grabs his arm* Wait... Does my manager know? She will kill me.
Wilmer: *chuckles* Don't worry baby. I've got it all covered.
Demi: *smiles and holds his hand*
They walk together and after waiting in line and checking in and all, that they're finally on the plane. 
Her hair and make up was like this: http://www.polyvore.com/demi/set?id=44537298
Demi layed back in her chair and sighed happily. 
Demi: "How long before we arrive?" 
Wilmer: *calls air hostess*
Woman: Yes?
Wilmer: How long is it before we arrive?
Woman: About 3 hours, sir. *smiles politely*
Wilmer: Oh, thank you. *smiles*
Woman: No problem.. So, what are you doing in Mexico? *runs her finger along his arm and gives him a flirty smile*
Demi: *opens one eye* He's going there with me! Now leave him alone.
The woman gave Demi a bitchy look before she went to bring the food.
Demi: What a bitch. Can't she see I'm sitting right next to you? What is wrong with people these days?
Wilmer: Demi? Are you okay?
Demi: Yeah, why wouldn't I be?
Wilmer: *hesitates a bit* It's just that you don't usually get this... fiesty.
Demi: *takes a deep breath, smiles and takes his hand* I'm sorry, it's just that I don't like to share my boyfriend with other girls.
Wilmer: You're boyfriend? *smiles* Are we official?
Demi: *kisses him and smiles while her lips are still on his* I think we're ready.
Wilmer: I love you, Demi. 
Demi: I love you too.
Demi's POV: 
Wow. This was the second time in my life I had ever told a boy I loved him and really meant it..
I looked out of the window and I saw beautiful landscape and the crystal clear Pacific was twinkling and glittering. Wow, Mexico was beautiful. It was my third time here but I never really paid much attention to the beauty of the country.

~5 hours later~
Joe's POV:
The club was full of girls, but I was sitting by the bar. I did shots, after shots, after shots. I had never drank this much before, but I needed it to forget about what I had done to Demi with Jessica. I was so drunk now, and all of a sudden the music seemed louder, everything was more fun and the girls were hotter. One of them came up to me and whispered in my ear.
Model: Damn you're hot.
Her green eyes sparkeled and her tanned body was pushed up against mine. I didn't know what I was doing anymore, but one second we were talking to each other and the next we were making out heavily.

Model: *pulls away to breath* Should we go?
Joe: Come.
*They go to his appartment and have sex*

Demi's POV:
Wilmer looked so happy to be back in Mexico. He was smiling the whole time and as when we got out of the cab, he took my hand and kissed me.
"Are you ready to meet my family?", he asked me.
I nodded and we went in the house.
A short elderly lady, with long dark hair and dark skin, came out with tears in her eyes and her hands covering her mouth.
"Wilmer!!" She said. Then she said alot of stuff in spanish, while kissing his cheeks.
Wilmer laughed and hugged her back.
"Mama, esto es Demi." He pointed at me and his Mom slowly approached me.
She looked at me for two seconds and then she said: "Ella es hermosa. Tienes suerte, Wilmer."
I smiled nervously and glanced at Wilmer. Was she telling him how he could get a better girl? What if he realised she was right?
She put her arms around me and squeezed me tight.
"Welcome to familia!" she said with a thick accent. She was a beautiful woman and love just ratiated from her. She was wonderful. 
"Er.. Come on in.. Do not be afraid," she said with a thick accent.
"She means don't be shy," Wilmer whispered in my ear.
They entered the house where, about 50 people were waiting. Some were eating outside, some were dancing, and most of the woman were sitting inside gossiping. The music was very loud and
everyone were talking and it almost seemed like a competition, the one that talked the loudest won. Just as I set my foot into the room, it got deadly quiet. Everyone's heads turned and they screamed. "Wilmer!" The women ran up to him and kissed him on his cheeks. He hugged them back and then he introduced me.
"Todos este es Demi, Demi este es todo el mundo."
I got kisses on the cheeks and I swear I heard someone call me sexy. This felt just like reuniting with family, everyone were so friendly and they definatly brought out the latina girl in me. Next thing I knew I was sitting on a chair with Wilmer's sisters and cousins and telling them about celebrities in Hollywood.
"What about.. er, Beyoncé? Oh, do you know Rihanna? Who cares about Rihanna, what about Miley Cyrus? Or Selena Gomez? Is she still with Justin Bieber?"
"Er.. Miley is really cool. You guys would love her."

Wilmer came up behind Demi and put his hand on her shoulder. She smiled at him.
Demi: I love your family.
Wilmer: I'm glad, because they love you too. You should have heard my mom going on and on about what a nice girl you are.
Demi: *giggles* Aw..
Wilmer takees Demis hands and leads her up the stairs. They enter a little room and just as Wilmer is about to speak, they are interrupted by Wilmer's mother's voice, coming up the stairs.
"Wilmer! Ella está aquí! Gabriella ya está aquï! (Wilmer, she's here! Gabriella is here!)

Demi's POV:
Wilmer's face went pale and his hands started to shake.
Wilmer's mother shook her head and looked very... Upset.
Wilmer's mom: Pensé que estaba en Francia!
I grabbed Wilmer's arm to ask him what was going on but just then a woman came up the stairs.
(She looks like this)

Gabriella: Hola Wilmer... Missed me? *smirks*


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"He deserved better than me." ♥ 5

Last chapter: Joe told Demi he loved her too much to make love to her while she was in a relationship with Wilmer. Kind of. Wilmer came back from L.A and now Demi is going to the PCA's.

Demi tried on her dress. She was in her dressing room, together with her stylist, Ana, while Wilmer was waiting outside. She came out from her booth, lead by Ana, since she was closing her eyes.
"Ay, ay, ay mamacita. You look amazing!" Demi could hear how surprised Wilmer was, which made her giggle a bit.
"I knew this dress was for you," Ana mumbled.
Demi smiled and thanked them. Suddenly Ana let go of the grip on her shoulders, and whispered 'open your eyes'. Demi did as Ana said, and slowly opened her eyes. Infront of her was a full length mirror in and when she revealed her reflection, staring back at her, she gasped and felt her heart flutter.
Demi's POV:
I don't care how I will look when I open my eyes. I'm beautiful, inside. That's all that matters.

I slowly opened my eyes and I was stunned. The dress hugged my curves perfectly and I didn't look like a girl. I was a woman. And I loved it.

"The dress is beautiful!" Demi spun around and laughed happily. 
Wilmer slowly came up behind her and put his hands on her waist. "You are beautiful." 
Demi turned around, smiling, but a small voice in the back of her head was screaming. It was screaming Joe's name.

Joe's POV:
My phone vibrated. I looked at the display, which told me I had a new text. It was from Belinda. A model chick I had been hanging out with.

Belinda: U coming 2 Rob's BDAY 2night?
Joe: R U gonna B there?
Belinda: Ofcourse
Joe: Then I'll see U there ;)

Demi and Wilmer went to their favorite restaurant and ordered their food. They were clicking champagne and life was good. Demi forgot about all her troubles with Joe and she was just laughing the whole night. 
Demi's POV:
Wilmer is such a great guy. He deserved better than me.

Just as if he was reading her minds, he cleared his throath and put his hands over hers. "Demi, the last two months we've spent together, dating, have been some of the most amazing months of my life."
Confusion took over Demi's mind. Dating? She thought that they were just friends, that were a bit flirty. Oh gosh, Wilmer thought they were serious about each other..
"I wanted to ask you if you, wanted to go away for the weekend with me? To Mexico?"
Demi raised her eyebrows and her lips seperated slightly.
"Ehm... That sounds great, but I really need to check with my dad. My manager."
Wilmer let go of her hands and nodded furiously.
"Ofcourse, no problem." He smiled widely.
Demi excused herself and went away to call her dad.
When she was alone in the ladies room, she picked up her phone and as she was scrolling through her contacts her eyes got stuck on a certain name. Joe.
She felt her breath get stuck in her throath, and without thinking she pressed 'call'.

Joe got to the club. The music was loud, he was drunk, the girls were half-naked, he was really drunk. He was having fun and Belinda sneaked up behind him. She kissed him on the cheek. He turned to look at her, and when he saw her he lit up.
"Ey, Bell!" He grabbed her face and gave her a sloppy kiss.
Belinda smiled and gave him a little push. "Are you already wasted?"
"Mm," Joe said and started nibbling on her ear, while his hands slowly slid from her neck to her lower back, and finally rested on her bum.
 Belinda threw back her head and let Joe kiss her on her neck.
Finally Joe let his lips leave her burning skin, just to say the following sentence. "Let's go to my place." He stared into her brown eyes, and after a second of doubt, she shrugged and took his hand and let him lead her out of the club.
When they got into the cab, they continued their heavy make out session, and suddenly his phone started ringing. He sighed and reached for it in his pocket, but couldn't find it.
Belinda picked it up from the seat next to her. Giggling, she answered it.
"Hi, this is Joe's phone."

Demi's POV:
Just when I was about to hang up, he picked up.
"Hi, Joe it's-"
I was interuppted by a high pitched female voice.
"Hi, this is Joe's phone."
I felt how my heart stoppped beating, and I couldn't find any words to say.
In the  background I could hear Joe, asking her who it was.
With shaking hands I hung up, and swallowed the big lump in my throath.
I stormed out of the room and back to Wilmer who was waiting for me.
With burning eyes, and a sore throath I sat down across the table. And with a shaky voice I said,
"Let's go to Mexico."

Joe's POV: 
I wake up and the sunlight blindens me, so i close my eyes again and moan. I am  so hungover. I get out from my bed and drag myself to the kitchen. I see Belinda standing there, making breakfast, in her underwear only. She turns around and smiles.

Belinda crawled over the bed, with a teasing smile on her face, and when she reached me, she kissed me on the lips. "Hey tiger. You were wild last night."
I felt my stomach flip over and the nausea hit me, when I realised what I had done.
Holy shit, I'm an asshole.

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"I wanted her so bad, but I loved her too much." ♥ 4

Demi and Joe looked into each others eyes for a couple of seconds before they continued kissing and stumbled into her house. Joe slammed the door shut behind him and they kept on making out while walking to her bed. Joe gently layed her down on the bed and Demi started taking her clothes off. 
Joe's POV:
She was  laying there, just in her bra, with her hair all over the place. She was kissing me down my neck and I wanted her so bad, but I loved her too much.

Joe closed his eyes and rolled off Demi.
Joe: "Wait."
Demi breathed heavily. "What's wrong?"
Joe closed his eyes and when he opened them again, he was more certain of his decision. "I'm not gonna let you do this. I won't let you do something, that you might regret later."
Demi's face went blank when realization hit her and she turned away. "Oh."
But Joe grabbed her arm and brought her back so that she was looking at him. Tears were on the verge off falling from the rim of her eyes. He held her face, between his hands and forced her to look at him.
 "Demi. I told you I would prove to you how much I love you. This is me trying to prove it to you." 
Demi nodded and forced herself to give him a faint smile.
Joe kissed her on her cheek and swung his legs over the bed. He walked over to the door and stumbled on his own shirt. He picked it up and put in on. 
Demi  rested on her elbow, as she watched him put his jeans on."You're leaving?"
"Um, yeah."
Demi twirled with her finger in her sheet and put on an innocent voice. "You know, you can stay if you want to.."
Joe turned and looked at her. He saw the hope rising in her eyes, and he couldn't bear to refuse her offer. "Ofcourse, I want to."
He went back to the bed, gave her a soft kiss, and crawled into the sheets with Demi. She rested her head on his shoulder, and fell asleep.

Demi yawns, and slowly opens her eyes. She was resting on her pillow and not on Joe's shoulder. Where was he? 
She got out of her bed and searched for him in the kitchen. 
Wrapped around her body, was a white sheet.
She saw his back and he was cooking breakfast. Demi smiled and leaned against the wall.
"Hey, baby."
Joe turned around and it wasn't Joe. It was WILMER.
Demi's mouth dropped and so did the sheet she was plunging on to, three seconds ago.
Wilmer raised his eyebrows and smiled, when he spotted her revealed body. "Woah."
Demi quickly picked up the sheet and sprung to hide behind the door. "Wilmer?!"
Wilmer he chuckled. "Thanks for the welcoming suprise."
Demi rushed back to her room. "Um... I have to go put something on. It's cold."
She put on an outfit (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=43992614) before she went back to Wilmer.
Feeling more secure, now that she was wearing clothes she went up to him. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming?"
He shrugged. "Wanted to suprise you." He said easily and flipped a pancake. "Pancakes for my princess."
Demi smiled weakly. "So that's why he left," she muttered to herself.
Wilmer: "What?"
Demi she looked up at Wilmer. "Nothing." There was an awkward silence between the two, before Demi deicded to break it. "I'm so sorry, but I have to leave after breakfast. I'm going to try on some dresses for the PCA's."
Wilmer put a plate where Demi was sitting, and one across the table for himself. "Can I come with?"
Demi gave him a genuine smile. "Ofcourse, you can."

Demi's POV:
Wilmer was one of the sweetest guys I have ever dated. Like, seriously. And I hate it, but I'm more attracted to the bad-boy, kind of guys. I know Wilmer is the best guy for me, but... My heart still wants Joe. 

Who do you guys think Demi should be with? :) Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

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"You know I love you?" ♥ 3


Demi checked her cellphone. 1 new text. She opened it and smiled as she read it.
Wilmer: Goodmorning beautiful.
Demi: Hey, Wil.
Wilmer: Hola, mi amor. How are you?
Demi: *bits her lip* I would be doing better if you were here.
Wilmer: *chuckles* I'll be home soon. Las Vegas is no fun without you.
Demi: Aaw.. So, what are you doing right now?
Wilmer: I was actually talking to Joe..
Demi: *raises eyebrows* Joe who? Joe Jonas?
Wilmer: Yeah. He's really cool.
Demi: Hm.. Um, I have to go, I'll talk to you later.
Wilmer: Okay, bye.
*Demi hangs up*
~End of convo~
Demi's POV:
Why the heck were they talking? My ex and my boyfriend are not supposed to know eachother, and absolutlely not be friends!
She looked in the fridge for some food and decided to call for some pizza.
Just as she was about to pick her phone up, her display lit up and her phone vibrated. She had a new text. Her heart skipped a beat. From Joe. 
She opened the text.
Joe: I'm sorry.
Demi's heart stopped and she felt angry. Betrayed. They haden't been talking for 3 months. Why now?
With shaking hands, she replied.
Demi: Y? I'm doing fine.
Joe: I need 2 see U.
Demi: Meet me in 30 @ our place.
Joe: Thank u :)
Demi's POV:
Oh crap! Why did she just text him that? Well, maybe it was for the best... 
Joe's POV:
I can't believe she agreed to meeting me! Maybe she still has a thing for me...

~50 minutes later~ 

Demi saw Joe sitting on a bench, faced towards the sea. He was doing something with his phone. Maybe texting. Demi took a deep breath and started walking towards him. Her phone vibrated in her hand and she answered it.
Demi: Hello?
Joe: Hey, it's me. Are we still up for today, or...? 'Cuz I'm here.
Demi: Look behind you.

Joe turned around and raised his eyebrows. He eyed Demi up and down. 
"Wow.. You look..." He just shook his head and smiled. "Unbelievable."
Demi: Thank you, you look great yourself.
Joe: Um, you can sit *points at the bench*
Demi: *smiles and sits down awkwardly*
Joe: So, I need to talk to you. I want to apologize for everything. I was a total jerk and I know I don't deserve you, but if you could just give me another chance-
Demi: Joe, I...
Joe: *puts his finger to her lip* Wait, just.. Just hear me out. I have never felt this way about someone before, Demi. I loved you since we were kids, since Camp Rock. You are special and I know it's alot to ask for, but can you please forgive me? I'm so sorry.
Joe picked up a guitar next to him and started singing a song called 'I'm Sorry'.
"Sorry, sorry baby. What can I do to show you I'm sorry?"
Demi's tears were running and she just shook her head.
Joe sighed.
Demi: Joe, you know I miss you. You know love you. So how can you ask for us to be just friends? You know it wouldn't work. 
Joe: *takes her hand* We'll make it work.
They looked at eachother and the minutes just passed by. 
It was sunset and they couldn't be in a more romantic situation. 
Joe: Let's have a picnic. I have food. *picks up a basket of food*
Demi: *laughs* This is just like in a movie. 
They sat down and ate. They didn't leave that beach until midnight. 
Joe gave her a ride home.
Demi got out of the car and he followed her to the door. 
Joe: So..
Demi: *giggles* So..
Joe leans closer and whispers in her ear: "I need you."
Demi shivered and couldn't resist it anylonger. She pulled Joe so that his body was tight against her and kissed him hard. It got deeper and they started making out. They didn't stop, only when they needed to breath.
Demi: *breathless* Wanna come in?

Will Joe come in and will she do it with him and cheat on Wilmer?

fredag 3 februari 2012

"Is there someone else?" ♥ 2

It's monday morning and today Demi will go to a signing. 
Demi's POV:
Ah, I'm so excited! I hope alot of fans show up...

She heard someone knock on her door, so she got up from her chair and opened it. It was a man and he was carrying the biggest bouqet of roses she had ever seen.
Man: "Hi! Are you... *reads card* Demi Lovato?"
Demi: *squeaks* Yes! *big smile*
He came in and placed the boquet on her kitchen table.
Then he went out the door, waved and started his truck.
Demi closed the door after him, and ran to read the card.
Demi's POV:
Joe is so sweet! He really does want me back..
I opened the card and read it out loud: "For my princess. I hope you are doing okay? Please call me. Te amo ~ Wilmer"
I stopped reading and my heart started pounding. 
I grabbed my cellphone and called him. But I only got to his voicemail.

Demi: "Hey baby! I'm so sorry I didn't call you, I was sick. But I'm feeling better now. Call me, and we'll get together... Um, yeah. Bye!"
Demi's POV:
This will be interesting...

~2 hours later~

*someone knocks on the door*
Demi puts down her eyeliner to go open the door. It was Wilmer.
Wilmer: "Hey!"
Demi: "Hey baby!"
Wilmer: "Are you ready?"
Demi: "Yeah, sure. Let me just go grab my bag."
*she takes her bag and checks her messages. None were from Joe*
Demi sighed and looked up at Wilmer, smiling.
Demi: "Let's go."

They entered the restaurant and a waiter immediatley approached them. They were taken to a special room and the dinner was served in no time.
Wilmer: *clears his throat* So, how do you like your food?
Demi: *smiles* It's really great. Thank you.
*awkward silence*
Wilmer: Listen Demi, is something bothering you?
Demi: What do you mean?
Wilmer: You're so quiet and distant. Is something wrong? *long pause* Is there someone else? *sad look*
Demi: What? Wilmer, no! I'm here, because I want to. *smiles and takes his hand*
Demi's POV:
Okay, so maybe that was a tiny lie. But I actually do love Wilmer, I'm just not sure if I love him the same way he loves me..
They finished their food and left the restaurant. When they sat down in his car, Wilmer looked at Demi and asked: Do you want to go to my place, or..?
Demi's POV:
Oh my gosh... He wants to have sex.

Demi: Erm, I'm actually really tired. Maybe another time?
Wilmer: Yeah, sure.
After 15 minutes, they were outside Demi's house, and Wilmer got out of the car. He followed Demi to her door, as the sweet gentleman he was.
They stood on the porch for a while and just looked into eachothers eyes.
Demi: Goodnight, Wilmer.
Wilmer: Goodnight. *polite smile, turns around and goes back to the car*
Demi understood that he was hurt so she went after him.
Demi: Wilmer!
*Wilmer turns around*
*Demi givs him a long, lingering kiss on the lips*
Wilmer: *closed eyes* Wow.. *smiles*
Demi: *smiles, and takes her hand and places it on Wilmer's cheek* Goodnight.
She turned around and went back to her house, but this time she had huge smile on her lips and her heart was flickering...

Was she... falling for him?