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"How do I know you?" ♥ 13

Last chapter: Demi and Wilmer made plans to go to Miami!

Wilmer took a deep breath. They almost ran over that person!
He looked, worringly, at Demi.
Wilmer: Oh my gosh Demi are you okay?
Demi: *shocked* Um, yeah I'm fine. Who was that?
The person came closer to the car and knocked on Demi's window. Demi jumped and felt her heart skip a beat. It was Joe Jonas.
Joe: Demi, listen, I need to talk to you. Please?
Wilmer: Are you f*king crazy man?! I almost ran over you!
Joe: *looks into Demi's eyes* Please?
Demi didn't know what to say. She looked at Wilmer who was screaming at Joe.
Demi gave him an excusing look and walked away with Joe.
There was an awkward silence before Demi decided to break the ice.
Demi: How do I know you?
Joe stopped walking and
Joe: What game are you playing, Demi? I'm trying to apologise here, and you're acting like a douche.
Demi: Excuse me? Get out of my sight, now.
Joe: *sighs* I'm sorry.
Demi pushes through him and starts walking back to Wilmer.
Joe grabs her wrist and spins her around. His lis smashes on to hers. Demi tries to pull away, but it's like they're magnetic. His lips felt familiar, Demi thought as they're lips moved in sync. She suddenly snapped back to reality and pushed him away from her. She stared at him with a how-could-you-do-that look and she felt very very guilty. She turned around and saw a paparazzi staring at them with an open mouth. He looked down at his camera, smiled and ran off.
Demi: "Wait! No!" She ran after him but he was already gone.
Joe: Oh no. Demi, I'm so sorry. I didn't see him there.
Demi felt a big lump in her throath and her eyes filled with tears. She just shook her head and ran away from him. She jumped into the car with Wilmer and bursted into tears.
Wilmer: Baby, what's wrong?
Demi: Can you please take me to the airport? *sobs* Please?
Wilmer: *hard facial expression* Was it Joe? What did he do?! Where is he? I'll kick his ass right now.
Demi: No... Wil, please, just take me to the airport.
Wilmer hesitated, but when he saw how sad Demi was he nodded and drove away.

Joe's POV:
Oh shit. I've messed up. Big time. Have I lost Demi... forever? I checked my phone and noticed that I had a new text from Mel. She was asking me where I was.
I quickly replied saying I was on my way.
It took me about 15 minutes with my car, before I was there.
And that's when I saw her...

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