fredag 30 mars 2012

"You're gonna be okay, don't worry." ♥ 11

Last chapter: Demi saw Joe with his new girl, so she got drunk because she was upset. She got too tipsy, and fell, with her head, on the curb. Now she's been in a coma for a week.

Wilmer's POV:

I looked around in the waiting room, and sighed. This was all my fault. If I hadn't been to drunk to realise she had gone outside, this never would have happened. I bury my face in my hand and I feel my palms get wet, because of the tears running down my cheeks. Demi had been here for a week now, and so had I. I had canceled everything on my schedule, and my manager threatened to fire me, but she was worth it. 
I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Miley smiling at me through her tears. 
"She'll be okay, Wilmer."
I just wish I believed her.
The doctor came out, and looked down in her papers. 
She cleared her throath and started speaking with a dead serious face. "I have some very good news. Demi is stable, at the moment. She's awake, but just barely."
My heart stopped and I couldn't speak. Demi had woken up from her coma. 
"She's awake?!" I heard Miley's voice echo.
The doctor nodded.
"But she isn't in a good condition.We've placed her in critical condition."
Miley wrapped her arms around me.
"Can we please come see her?"
"Sure, but be very still and move carefully. She is very confused right now."

Wilmer got up from his chair and went in to the patients room with Miley next to him.

Wilmer felt the pain inside of him growing, when he saw Demi connected to wires. They were even more today, than yesterday.
Demi slowly opened her eyes.
"Hey baby, it's Miley and Wilmer."
Demi tried to smile, but was too weak.
Wilmer took her hand and stroked it.
"Hi princess. You're gonna be okay, don't worry."
When Demi tried to speak, he put his finger to his lips.
"Don't talk, just relax and don't worry about anything."
They heard a knock on the door.
It was Selena!
Demi's face lit up and she seemed very happy.
Selena ran up to her and took Demi's hand.
"Demi, I'm so so sorry. How are you? Are you doing better today? Is she doing better?"
She turned to Miley, who rolled her eyes.
She had never been a big fan of Selena.
"Please be careful with her, she's very weak."
Selena nodded and stroked Demi's hair.
"I'm so glad I got to see you before my tour kicked off."
There was a knock on the door- again- and this time it was Joe.
Miley and Selena looked at eachother. 
"We'll be back soon," they said before going out through the door.
Wilmer slowly went out too.
Joe hugged him and said: "I'm sorry man."
The he closed the door and sat next to Demi.
Demi had a hard time breathing but she had a little white board next to her, so she could write down whatever she needed to say.
Demi: Do I know u?
Joe sighed.
"I'm sorry Dem. I don't have an excuse, but I still love you. I always will."
Demi scrunched her nose up and narrowed her eyes.
Demi: Who are you?
Joe: Are you seriously not gonna remember me?
Demi I seriously don't know who you are. Can you please go now?
Joe got up from his chair, with tears in his eyes. 
Joe: Fine Demi. Be that way.
He stormed out the door and Demi was left alone.
She pressed the button next to her and in no time a nurse appeared by her side.
"Who was that guy that left my room?" Demi scribbled down.
The nurse smiled at her and ran outside to get a doctor.
Dr. Bellany, Demi's doctor, told Demi to lay back into her bed.
Then she started speaking, with a calm and soft voice.
"We suspect you might have amnesia."
Demi started shaking her head with a terrified look.
Dr. Bellany took Demi's hand and sighed.
"It's okay. We're going to ask you some questions to see how much you remember."

Demi's POV:
This couldn't be happening. I couldn't believe it. My mom was sitting next to me, stroking my hair, but I couldn't remember her having red hair. When did she have it dyed? That was so unlike her. And now that i thought about it, I couldn't remember anything of the past year. But I did remember Wilmer. And my time in treatment. But everything before that, was black.
Oh my gosh. I did have amnesia.

lördag 24 mars 2012

"This is not good." ♥ 10

Last chapter: Demi found out Joe had a girlfriend, and she slapped him, hard, infront of everyone. 

Demi grabbed her purse and stormed out of the club. Miley ran after her. 
Demi's POV:
What am I doing? This is not like me! I know I shouldn't have slapped Joe... He didn't deserve it. I deserved what I got, after all I was the one that cheated on Wilmer. I'm not good enough for neither of them.
~End of POV~

Miley: Hey, babe. You made us all proud in there. *kneels down besides Demi*
Demi: *looks at Miley's purse* Do you have any cigarettes?
Miley: Yeah... Why?
Demi: Can I have one?
Miley: Demi, no way! I'm not letting you loose your cigg-virginity. No.
Demi: Please! I really need it, and it's just a one time thing. Come on Miley, I'm 19. I can handle myself.
Miley: *doubts for a second* Okay fine. *gives Demi a cigarette*. 
Demi: And a lighter?
Miley: *looks for one in her purse* I forgot it at home.
Demi: *screams out in frustration* Maybe that girl has one. 
She walks over to a girl that's standing with her back against Demi.
Demi: Hi, excuse me, but do you have a lighter on you?
The girl turns around. It was Melissa Ayers. Joe's girlfriend.
Demi's lost for words and looks away in embarassment.
Melissa: Hey, it's okay. I totally get it.
Demi: You do?
Melissa: *takes a deep breath* There's a guy back in Canada that I love. But I wanted to pursue my dreams so I moved here, and started dating Joe for some publicity. *stops talking for a second* You won't tell him that, right?
Demi: Ofcourse not. We're not really friends, if you know what I mean.
Melissa: *laughs* What has he done? Did he cheat on you?
Demi: *looks at the bottle of vodka in Melissa's hand* No, much worse. Hey, can I have some of that?
Melissa: *shrugs* Take it all, I'm done with it. 
The bottle was half full and it was pure vodka.
Demi put the bottles to her lips and when it ran down to her stomach, she could feel the vodka burning her throath. But she loved it. She kept drinking and the bottle was almost finished now. Melissa looked around nervously. Demi didn't even notice when Melissa ran up to Miley to tell her what was going on. The liquid was easier to drink now and Demi could feel all her problems slowly falling off of her shoulders. Until Miley pushed the magic drink out of her hands.
Miley: Demi! What the f*ck are you doing? Oh my gosh, this is not good. This is not good. 
Miley put Demi's arm around her shoulder and tried to support her so that they could get to Wilmer.
Miley: I'm taking you to Wilmer, and he will take you home again. Okay?
Demi: *moans* Let go of me.
She broke loose from Miley's grip and started walking down the street. Suddenly she felt her heel brake, and what happened next happened in a couple of seconds. Demi lost her balance and started falling towards pavement. She hit her head really hard on the curb. She put her hand to her head and when she looked at it, it was red from all the blood.
Then everything went black.

fredag 16 mars 2012

"He has a new girlfriend." ♥ 9

Last chapter:
Demi and Wilmer reunited, and Joe made Demi feel like crap by being an arse.

Phone convo:
Demi: Hey girl, how are you? *smiles*
Kim: Baby! I missed you so so so so much! I'm great, what about you?
Demi: I'm better than ever. Hey, we need to meet up, are you free tonight?
Kim: Erm... Yeah, I think so. 
Demi: Good. How about we meet at the new club downtown? 
Kim: Nice choice. Let's all were dresses!
Demi: Haha, if you can drop it low in them. Wilmer said that place was craa-zyy.
Kim: *silence* You're still together with Wilmer?
Demi: Yes? Why did you think we broke up?
Kim: I don't know... I'm so happy for you though. Hey, have you talked to Joe lately?
Demi: *pain in chest* Um, no. I haven't seen him since January. Why?
Kim: Eh... I'll see you tonight.
Demi: Kim, don't hang up...!
*Kim hangs up*
Demi: ... On me. *rolls her eyes* 
~End of convo~
Demi is wearing this:
She lays down in her sofa and kicks off her shoes. She just came back from promoting her Seventeen issue.
She closes her eyes and tries to get a quick nap before she has to go to the club with Kim and everyone else.
*Loud knock on the door*
Demi opened one eye and sighed. She got up to answer the door.
Demi: *yells, while walking to the door* Who is it?!
Man: I have a package for Demi Lovato?
Demi: *opens the door* Wha- Oh my gosh! *runs outside* Miley?
Miley: No, it's Jesus. Hi hun, how are you? *hugs Demi tightly*.
Demi: I can't believe you're here! I- I... I don't even know what to say! *smiles big*
Miley: You can say everything, inside. It's cold as f*ck out here.
Demi laughs and they both go inside.
After talking for an hour or so, Miley looks at Demi with an I'm-sorry-I-have-to-be-the-one-to-tell-you-this look.
Miley: Demi, are you truly over Joe? 'Cuz I'd completely understand if a little, little part of you still loved him.
Demi: *sighs* Do we really have to go there? Now?
Miley: Yeah we do. Answer my question, Dem.
Demi: *pain in chest, again* Joe used to call me Dem... Honestly, *shakes her head* I don't know. I don't think so. Why are everyone asking me about Joe today?
Miley: Because he has a new girlfriend. I'm sorry.
Demi's POV:
I felt like someone had just punched me in the face. Actually I felt ten times worse.
Oh. A. New. Girlfriend. Oh. I'm not hurt, why would I be? I have Wilmer, he should be allowed to have a girlfriend too, right? I take five deep breaths, like I was thaught to do back when I was in treatment.
Miley: Demi? Are you okay? *puts her hand on Demis lap*
Demi: Yeah, I'm fine. Let's go and choose outfits for tonight.
Demi was wearing a short black skirt and a tube top.
Her hair and make-up was like this:
And Miley was wearing this:
Her hair and make up was like this:
Miley: We look sexy.
Demi: *laughs* Totally.
Both their phone ring.
They look at eachother and laugh.
Then they say "weird" at the exact same time, and they burst out laughing again.
~Phone Convo~
Demi: *answers the phone while laughing* Hello?
Wilmer: Hey baby.
Demi: Hi! Where are you?
Wilmer: I'm outside, are you girls ready?
Demi: Yes, we'll be there in a minute. Bye, babe.
Wilmer: Ciao, princess.
~End of Convo~
Demi looks at Miley.
Miley: Okay... Yeah, sure. Okay, I'll see you there. Bye, baby.
Demi: Ready to go?
Miley: Demi, we're going to have fun tonight. Forget about Joe and just dance.
Demi: I wasn't thinking about him until you said that.
Miley: *raises an eyebrow* Really?
Demi: Yeah... *silence* Okay, maybe a little. But you're right.  I have you, Wilmer and Kim... You guys are all that I need.
Miley: Aw *smiles* I love you.
They go out hand in hand and sit in the car. Wilmer kisses Demi and says hi to Miley, and then they're off.
~At the club~
Demi's POV:
We were having a blast. I was sweaty from all the dancing.
I was a little drunk too. The music was loud and everyone were having fun. I could see Khloe and Miley were competing about who could do more shots.
Wilmer was talking to some guys. I went over to him and took his hand.
"Hi boys. I'm sorry, but I need my man," I said and dragged him out on the dancefloor.
The music turned to dancehall music and all the girls started shaking, or grinding. I pushed Wilmer against the wall and started grinding on him, just for fun. We were both laughing, while I danced.
Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kim saying something in Miley's ear, while pointing at me.
"Wait, baby, I'll be right back," I said to Wilmer and let go of his hand. Kim and Miley approached me.
"Listen sweetie, if you want to leave now that's fine. We totally understand," Kim shouted in my ear (because the music was so loud), while Miley nodded.
I looked at them with a confused face.
"Why would I wanna leave?"
Miley and Kim exchanged looks and then they both looked at me.
Kim grabbed my hand and pulled me a little bit to the left.
"There," she said and pointed to a group of people. "Do you see them next to that big group?
And I did see them.
He was sitting on a chair while getting a dirty lapdance from some girl.
I shook my head. What was up with him?

Demi: "If he want's to play it like that, I can play it ten times better."
She went back to Wilmer and grabbed his hand.
They got close to Joe and that girl, but Joe was "too caught up in the moment" to notice them.
Demi pushed Wilmer against the wall as she had earlier, but this time when she grinded on him, she was good.
She actually put effort in it, and went up and down.
People stopped dancing and stared at her.
She was on fire.
The girl on top of Joe, slowly stood up and gave Demi a smile. But Joe was not smiling.
The music ended and everyone applauded.
Demi beamed at them and Wilmer grabbed her from behind.
Wilmer: Where did that come from? You're beautiful and sexy! *kisses her*
Demi turned around and the kissing deapend into making out. Demi made sure Joe saw them. She put Wilmer's hand on her waist and started kissing him on the neck.
Then she turned around and acted surprised.
Demi: Joe? Oh my gosh, how are you? *fake smile*
Joe: Demi... *looks down*
Demi: Hi, I'm Demi Lovato. Joe's ex. *shakes hand with the girl*
Girl: I'm Melissa Ayers. Joe's current girlfriend.
Melissa had dark brown hair, and brown eyes. She was very, very, pretty.

Melissa Ayers

Demi smiled at Melissa, before turning to Joe and giving him a BIG slap on his right cheek.
Joe just looked down and Demi looked at Wilmer who had put his hand over his mouth.
Demi: Can we go now, Wil? Sorry you had to see that Melissa. *walks away*


torsdag 15 mars 2012

"You and only you." ♥ 8

Last chapter: Demi found out Wilmer was married, so she left Mexico with a broken heart and went back home to L.A.
 Joe opened the door to Demi's house and walked in to her. Demi was laying on the bed, crying her eyes out. Dallas was sitting next to her and hugging her tightly. Dallas:*looks up* Joe? What...? Demi: *blows her nose in a tissue* Joe: Whoa... Dem, what happened? Demi: Wilmer is married. *sobs loudly* Joe: *freezes*
Joe's POV: I tried not to show her I cared, but it tore me apart to know she was hurting. I had to stick to my plan and make her think I didn't love her. I didn't deserve a girl like her. So therefore, I was going to act like an arse until she hated me and moved on. Demi: Did you hear me? Joe: You deserve better than him. *looks at his clock* Oh, I have to run. See you, Dem. *walks out of the room and out through the front door* Demi: What was that? How could he just leave when he sees me like this? Dallas: Demi...? Why was Joe here? Demi: *avoids looking at her* I don't that many people? Dallas: Marissa? Hannah? Why Joe? *suspiscious look* Demi: *sighs* We meet up alot and... We kissed. *guilty look* Dallas: *gasps and puts her hand to her mouth* Demetria Devonne Lovato! You cheated on Wilmer? Demi: Uh- Not technically. We weren't boyfriend/girlfriend yet. It was like this... *tells her everything. Everything.* Dallas: Um... Okay, that's complicated. They're interruppted by a loud knock on the door. Dallas gets up to open it.
Demi's POV: Joe's ignoring me and Wilmer is a jerk. Did I really go from everything to nothing? Why would they want me? They could have any girl in the world ofcourse they were using me... How blind can a person be?
Dallas: *shouts* Erm, Demi? You need to see this.
I slowly get up with my blanket wrapped around my body. I walk out in the hall, and wow, is the first thing I say.
Outside of the door is about 50 men with boquets of roses in their hands. The line is so long, people actually stop just to see what's going on. Some even take some pictures.
Everyone move to the side and Wilmer walks up to my doorstep.
"Demi, I love you. You and only you. Gabriella was a woman I cared alot about, but all my feelings for her are gone. What happened with her, happened so long ago that I didn't even remember mentioning her. My bad, I know. And I'm so sorry, and if you forgive me I'll show you everyday how sorry I am. And how much I love you."

Dallas: *puts her hands over her heart* Awww!
Demi: *wipes away the tears rolling down her cheek while nodding* Yes, ofcourse!
She jumps into Wilmer arms and they kiss for a loooong time.
Wilmer: *whispers in her ear* I love you, princess.

Demi and Wilmer are back together!! Next chapter comes up tomorrow! :)
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fredag 2 mars 2012

"He's a lousy cheater." ♥ 7

Gabriella examined Demi very closely and after giving it a second of thought she smiled and said: "Demi Lovato, right?" 
Demi was too confused to respond. 
Gabriella: Oh, I'm sorry. I haven't introduced myself. I'm Gabriella Sanchez... Wilmer's wife.
She grabbed Demi's hand and shook it lightly. 
Demi: *raises eyebrows* What? *smiles* I see what this is. Haha Wilmer, you got me! *turns around to give Wilmer a friendly punch* Is this over now?
Gabriella: It's not a joke, sweetie. He lied to you. He's a lousy cheater, and he always has been. 
Wilmer sat down in a corner and burried his face in his hands. 
Demi's POV:
Who did this woman think she was? She has no right to come in here and say things like this! But... Why wasn't Wilmer saying anything to stop her?
I turned to ask his mother, but she was already gone. Gabriella took my hand and looked at me.
She was very tall, tanned, and had long dark hair. Her green eyes sparkled, and her full, rosy lips were very kissable. She was beautiful and I felt like I stood no chance against her.
"Listen Demi", she said. "I'm very sorry to tell you this, but Wilmer isn't as good as he makes himself out to be. He made me pregnant and when I told him about it he fled the country and went to America. I was just 17 years old, but I raised my baby boy all by myself, and now he has graduated as a straight A student."
I didn't know what to say. I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to believe it.
With tears in my eyes, I turned to Wilmer and asked him.
"Wilmer, look at me," I said with a shaky voice. "This isn't true is it? Please, tell me she's lying." I used my sleeve to wipe away my tears. "Wilmer?" He looked into my eyes, with an I'm-so-sorry look. He didn't have to say anything, his silence said it all.

I stormed down the stairs, grabbed my bags and pushed open the door, leaving everyone behind me shouting my name. I ran down the streets outside, to find a cab.
"Demitria! Wait, please, wait..." Wilmer's mother was running after me.
I couldn't bare seeing her hyperventilate because she was overworking herself, so I went to her and let her sit on one of my bags.
"Breath," I said and hugged her.
She put one finger up as if to stop me from talking.
"Escucha cariño, fue un tiempo hace mucho tiempo. Era sólo un niño. Sé que es mucho para ti, pero por favor le diera otra oportunidad? Usted es la mejor chica que ha conocido jamás, y cuando llegaba a casa a contarme que estaba tan excitada y yo nunca lo he visto tan feliz. Y tú eres la única de las chicas que ha conocido, que realmente me gusta."
"(listen sweetie, it was a very long time ago. He was just a child. I know it's alot for you, but please give him another chance? You are the best girl he has ever met, and when he came home to tell me about you he was so excited and I have never seen him this happy. And you are the only one of the girls he has met, that I actually like.)"
We both laughed when she finished and then she said, "So?"
I shrugged.
"No se. Lo siento, pero te prometo, que voy a pensar en ello."
(I don't know. I'm sorry, but I promise you that I will think about it.)
She smiled sadly and put her hand on my cheek.
"Eres una chica buena."
("You are a good girl.")
I put my hand over hers and smiled with tears in my eyes. A cab finally came, and I helped her up, kissed her on the cheek, and entered my cab.
"Al aeropuerto, por favor," I said with a broken voice.

Demi arriving at LAX:

As soon as she got home she threw herself on her bed and cried. She didn't sob or try to hold it in, she just cried. She let it all out. She cried hysterically and she did nothing to try to stop herself.
"Demi, please, just... Hear me out. I know it's alot to ask for, but please? I love you. Please call me?"
Demi ignored his message and kept crying. She picked her phone up and dialled Joe's number.

~Phone Convo~
Joe: Hello? *sleepy voice*
Demi: *crying* Joe, I need to *sniff* talk to you.
Joe: Is everything okay?
Demi: No. *sniffs*
Joe: I'll be over in, um, a minute. Bye. *hangs up*
 ~End Of Convo~

Joe tried his best to get out of the bed without waking the girl up. He put on his pants and a shirt, and then he went out the door.