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"Welcome to Mexico." ♥ 14

Last chapter: Demi and Joe kissed, while Demi was with Wilmer. A paparazzi got a picture of the two kissing, and Demi is now on the airport.

Demi is wearing this: http://www.polyvore.com/demi_12/set?id=47198004
And her make up and hair is like this: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=47198269
Everyone were boarding the flight, but Demi was hugging Wilmer while tears were streaming down her face.
Wilmer: Demi, can you please just tell me what's wrong?
Demi: *sobs* You'll find out tomorrow. Wilmer I love you. I love you so so much. And I made a huge mistake. I just hope you'll forgive me.
Wilmer: Demi, what have you done? *holds her away from him while looking at her suspiciously*
Demi's mascare was running down her cheeks, and she looked like a mess.
Demi: I have to go. I love you.
She ran before the plane left.
Demi's POV:
I sat down in my seat and just broke down.
After a while, I decided it was enough. I went up from my seat, in to the toilet and washed my face up. I put my hair up in a bun and sighed. I looked at my self in the mirror and put on a fake smile.
 Demi Lovato Without Makeup 
I've been acting okay for years, so I can do it this time too.
I closed the door behind me and went back to my seat.
I sat down and put my hoodie up.
I felt someone's hand on my shoulder.
"Are you okay?"
I looked up and stared into a pair of dark brown eyes.
He had milk chocolate coloured skin, and he was so damn beautiful.
I cleared my throath and nodded. He looked at me, because he knew I wasn't telling the truth.

Demi: I'm fine, really.  *fake smile*
Just then the plane jerked to the left and started shaking.
Voice in the speakers: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain speaking. We are passing through an area of local turbulence.  Kindly return to your seats. The seat belt sign is now on. Remain seated until the seatbelt sign goes off. Thank you.
The plane started shaking and Demi's glass fell to the fround and the juice spilled. With shaking hands she put on her seatbelt. Another jerk. Demi grabbed the man next to hers, hand and her face went pale. She was so scared, it was like her worst nightmare came true.
Demi turned to the man and started talking.
"No, nothing's okay. I don't know who I am, because I have been diagnosed with amnesia. I don't remember anything from the past two years. A guy is telling me he loves me and he kissed me, and a paparazzi got a picture of the two of us. But I'm together with someone else. And now I'm on this plane because I don't know what else to do!
She was breathing heavily and her eyes were filled with tears.
A flight attendant came to her seat and smiled at her.
"The worst of the turbulence is over."
Demi took a deep breath and nodded. Then she quickly pulled her hand and put it on her chest.
Demi: Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. That is so unlike me.
Her face turned red and she couldn't believe she just told him everything. She even told him about the kiss!
The man gave her a It's-okay smile and said nothing.
Demi: Erm.. How long has the turbulence been over?
The man: About 15 seconds after you started talking.
Demi buried her head in her hands and let a giggle out. This was so embarassing.
The man reached out his hand and shook hers.
"I'm Sam Davis."
"Demi: I'm Demi Lovato."
The flight landed and everyone started to take their bagage down.
Demi and Sam both reached for their bagage when their fingers touched.
They looked at eachother for a second before Sam pulled away.
He brought down Demi's bagage and Demi gave him a thankful smile. They both got off and started walking their seperate ways.
Demi was all smiley as she was walking to the cab, waiting for her.
She heard his voice calling her.
She turned around.
Demi: Yes?
He waved at her with something in his hands.
She started running to him.
Sam: You forgot this.
He handed over her purse.
Demi: *gasps* Oh my goodness, I can't believe I forgot that! Thank you so much!
She hugged him without thinking about it and the hug lasted a bit longer than she expected.
Demi: Uhm, yeah...
Sam: *smiles* Yeah..
Demi: Bye, hope you enjoy your stay here. *waves and runs towards the cab*
They took off and on the way she saw a HUGE sign where it said: "Welcome to Mexico".

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