måndag 23 januari 2012

"Damn, he's gotten sexier." ♥ 1

Demi wakes up to her cellphone ringing. "Ugh.." She gets up and grabs the phone. 

Demi- "Hello?" 
Joe- "Did you sleep well?" 
*Demi smiles*
Demi- "Hey, Joe."
Joe- "Come out in... 15 minutes. I'll pick you up."
Demi- "What? But I..."
*Joe hangs up*


Demi rolls her eyes, and she quickly put on a tee and a pair of black jeans. She runs into the bathroom, brushes her teeth and just as she's about to go out, her phone rings. She looks at the display. It was Wilmer. Demi bit her lip, and after a second of thinking she put her phone on the kitchen table and went out, through the door. 

Joe was leaning against his car, playing with his car keys betweetwen his fingers. He was wearing skinny jeans and a black, v-necked tee.
Demi bit her lip, and thought: "Damn, he's gotten sexier.."
Joe saw her and his face lit up. "Demi.." He whispered. They both looked at each other for a couple of seconds before Demi ran up to him and threw herself into his arms. Joe held her and closed his eyes. After a while of hugging, Demi pulled away and smiled at him. 
Demi: "So, how've you been?"
Joe: *shrugs while opening the car door* "Alright, I guess. I've missed you so much." 
Demi: *doesn't say anything, instead she just entered the car and sits quietly* 
Joe shut the door close, and went around the car, to open his door. He sat down and started the engine, before they drove off. 
Joe: *soft voice* "Dem, how are you? Really." 
Demi gets tears in her eyes and shrugs. 
Demi: "I'm fine." Joe: *looks at her, worried* "It's me, Joe. You can talk to me." 
Demi: "Joe, where have you been? I've been in a treatment center for, like, 3 months, and you called me. Twice!" 
Joe: "Demi, I said I was sorry! I-I-I didn't know how to deal with it and..."
Demi: "Deal with it?" *eyes filled with tears* 
Joe: *takes deep breath* "I didn't mean it like that. Demi, you've been my best friend, for the longest time now, and I care so much. So please, give me an other chance? I'll do anything." 
Demi: *thinks about it for a second, then wipes away her tears* "I don't know. You have today, to convince me."
Joe smiles and pulls over. 
They both got out of the car and Demi gasped. 
The whole cast from Camp Rock were there.
Everyone: "SUPRISE!"
Joe: *grabs demi and hugs her* "Suprise.."