fredag 20 april 2012

"Wow, you're a total bitch." ♥ 15

Last Chapter: Demi fled to Mexico, before the pictures of her and Joe kissing leaked. She met a handsome young man named Sam on the plane, whom she accidently told all of her secrets to.

Hair and makeup: (hair is darkbrown)
Demi was at the room in her hotel. She finished putting on her makeup and picked up her purse and went down to have breakfast. She took a seat and called a waitress.
Demi: *smiles big* Hi, goodmorning, I'd like to order scrambled eggs.
Waitress: *mutters* Você tem tudo que você quer, huh? (You get everything you want huh?)
Demi: *squints eyes* Excuse me?
Waitress: *Bitchy smile* Oh, nothing. Eggs coming right up. *walks away, shaking head*
Demi's POV:
What the heck was that supposed to mean? I turned around and saw a man reading the newspaper, on the frontcover was me and Joe kissing! I gasped and covered my mouth with my hand. That's when I noticed how half of the people in the restaurant were starring at me with hatred in their eyes.
I just wished I could dissapear, right then and right there.
My food came back and I ate it as fast as I could. I ran out to the lobby and checked myself out. That's when I saw him. He was talking to someone.
Demi: Sam? *taps his shoulder*
Sam: *turns around* Oh, Demi, hi! *smiles his sexy smile*
He pointed to the girl next to him. A shot of pain darted right through me when I saw her face. That flawless face of hers, with those beautiful legs and body to kill for, to go with.
It was Wilmer's wife, Gabriella.

Demi: Um.. We've met. *looks away*
Gabriella: Well, well, well... If it isn't Demi Lovato. I read the news today. Good job.
Demi: I didn't mean to do it.
Gabriella: *Shrugs* I don't care. He's hurt. I win.
Demi: *shakes head* Wow, you're a total bitch.
Sam: Hey, hey, hey! Ladies, take it easy. How do you guys even know eachother?
Demi: We don't. *walks out of there*
She starts walking down the road when a little girl comes up to her.
Girl: Hi Mitchie. I love you very much. Please can we take picture?
Demi bent down.
Demi: Aw, hello sweetie. What's your name?
Girl: My name is Isabella.
Demi: That's a beautiful name. Does your mum have a camera?
She pointed to the woman smiling at her.
The little girl stood besides Demi and her mom took a picture of the two.
Isabella: Gracias! This was the best day ever!
Demi: No problem hun. I'd love to do it again sometime. *smiles and waves goodbye*

~2 hours later~

Demi checked back into the hotel and ran up to her room, scared Sam or Gabriella might see her. She opened the door to her suite:

Demi locked the door and sighed. She dropped her purse on the bed and laid down.
2 minutes later someone knocked loudly on her door.
Demi moaned as she got up to answer the door.
It was Gabriella.
Demi: What do you want?
Gabriella pushed past her and sat down on Demi's bed.
Gabriella: We need to talk. Last time we met, I didn't give you the whole story...
Demi: I don't want..
Gabriella raised her hand up and closed her eyes, as if to shut Demi out and stop her from talking.
Gabriella: You deserve an explanation.
She started talking and Demi almost had an heart attack when Gabriella told her that...

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