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"Kiss me." ♥ 18

Last Chapter: Sam took Demi out on a friendly date.

Demi took a sip from her red wine. She was really nervous and Sam could tell.
Sam: *puts hand over Demi's hand* Relax.
Demi: *nods and smiles* Sorry, it’s just that I haven’t been out with someone else for a long time. *laughs*
Sam smiled at her and mocked her laugh in a friendly way, which made Demi laugh even more.
The food came and they started eating.
Sam: So, where are you from?
Demi: I was born in Dallas, you know, Texas? Yeah, but now I live in L.A.
Sam: Do you miss it?
Demi: Miss what?
Sam: *smiles* Texas.
Demi: Oh, Texas. Erm... Yeah. I do.
Sam: Do you have family there?
Demi: My grandma and almost all of my cousins and family live there. What about you, where are you from?
Sam: Atlanta.
 Demi: Awesome. What do you do?
Sam: I’m a manager for Lexi Heart.
Demi: *gasps* No way!
Sam: *chuckles* Yes way. I didn’t think you cared about other celebs.
Demi: *looks down, smiling* I’m not that kind of girl.
She looked up and they’re eyes met. The magical feeling lasted for about 4 seconds, before Sam cleared his throath and called a waitress.

Sam’s POV:
Demi looks amazing tonight. She’s beautiful, funny, smart… But I’m not falling for her. No, I can’t.
Demi’s POV:
Sam is such a gentleman. He makes me feel… special. Wilmer made me feel special too, but with Sam I feel like my old self. Everything is so easy and I feel like any other girl on a date.

They finished their deserts and Sam was telling a story about how he once took the wrong train and ended up in Paris, when he was supposed to go to Spain. Demi was laughing so hard, her stomach was hurting.
Demi: Oh my gosh, I’m crying. *laughs*
Sam: You wouldn’t be laughing that much if you woke up in Paris.
Demi: Actually, I would love to go to Paris. *smiles*
Sam: Really? I’m more of an Ibiza kind of guy.
Demi: *giggles* Of course you are. You boys don’t understand romance.
Sam: I’m actually very romantic.
He picks up a rose from one of the vases and gave it to Demi.
Demi: *laughs* Why, thank you.
A waitress approached them.
Waitress: We’re closing now.
Sam: What time is it?
Waitress: It’s 11 p.m.
Demi: Wow, I didn’t realize it was so late.
They both got up and got out.
As soon as they got out of the door, a group of paparazzi attacked them.
They were everywhere and Demi was blinded by the flashes.
She was dizzy and everything around her was spinning.
Sam put his arm around her and held her tight. He pushed against the paps, and opened his car door for Demi.
She got in and Sam got around to his side. The paps stood infront the car and Demi heard Sam curse under his breath. He stepped on the gas and they drove away.
~15 minutes later~
Demi: It’s raining!
Sam: Here, you can use my coat as protection.
Demi: *smiles* I’m okay, I love rain.
She jumped out of the car and stood in the rain while laughing. The rain was pouring and Demi was soaking wet.
Her mascara was running down her cheeks but Sam couldn’t help finding her beautiful anyways.
Demi: *shouts* Come!
Sam put on one of his CD’s in the car’s stereo and turned up the volume so Demi could hear the music too. It was At Last by Etta James.
Demi smiled and started singing along.
Sam got out of the car and approached Demi.
He offered her his hand.
“May I have this dance?”
Demi giggled and they danced in the rain.
She was resting her head on his shoulder, and even though the rain was pouring down, Demi didn’t feel cold at all. She felt warm next to Sam.
She looked up at him, since he was a head taller than her.
They stopped dancing and just stared at each other.
Demi put her hand on Sam’s cheek and watched the water trickle down his face. She admired his thick, black eyelashes and his kissable red lips. She couldn’t hold it anymore.
“Kiss me”, she said softly.
Sam smiles and looks at her.
With the music in the background, he leans down, so his breath tickled Demi’s ear.
His lips slowly neared Demi’s and –BOOM- sparks everywhere, no it was more like fireworks. His mouth moved gently on hers like a question. Demi’s answer was yes, yes, YES. 

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