fredag 30 mars 2012

"You're gonna be okay, don't worry." ♥ 11

Last chapter: Demi saw Joe with his new girl, so she got drunk because she was upset. She got too tipsy, and fell, with her head, on the curb. Now she's been in a coma for a week.

Wilmer's POV:

I looked around in the waiting room, and sighed. This was all my fault. If I hadn't been to drunk to realise she had gone outside, this never would have happened. I bury my face in my hand and I feel my palms get wet, because of the tears running down my cheeks. Demi had been here for a week now, and so had I. I had canceled everything on my schedule, and my manager threatened to fire me, but she was worth it. 
I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Miley smiling at me through her tears. 
"She'll be okay, Wilmer."
I just wish I believed her.
The doctor came out, and looked down in her papers. 
She cleared her throath and started speaking with a dead serious face. "I have some very good news. Demi is stable, at the moment. She's awake, but just barely."
My heart stopped and I couldn't speak. Demi had woken up from her coma. 
"She's awake?!" I heard Miley's voice echo.
The doctor nodded.
"But she isn't in a good condition.We've placed her in critical condition."
Miley wrapped her arms around me.
"Can we please come see her?"
"Sure, but be very still and move carefully. She is very confused right now."

Wilmer got up from his chair and went in to the patients room with Miley next to him.

Wilmer felt the pain inside of him growing, when he saw Demi connected to wires. They were even more today, than yesterday.
Demi slowly opened her eyes.
"Hey baby, it's Miley and Wilmer."
Demi tried to smile, but was too weak.
Wilmer took her hand and stroked it.
"Hi princess. You're gonna be okay, don't worry."
When Demi tried to speak, he put his finger to his lips.
"Don't talk, just relax and don't worry about anything."
They heard a knock on the door.
It was Selena!
Demi's face lit up and she seemed very happy.
Selena ran up to her and took Demi's hand.
"Demi, I'm so so sorry. How are you? Are you doing better today? Is she doing better?"
She turned to Miley, who rolled her eyes.
She had never been a big fan of Selena.
"Please be careful with her, she's very weak."
Selena nodded and stroked Demi's hair.
"I'm so glad I got to see you before my tour kicked off."
There was a knock on the door- again- and this time it was Joe.
Miley and Selena looked at eachother. 
"We'll be back soon," they said before going out through the door.
Wilmer slowly went out too.
Joe hugged him and said: "I'm sorry man."
The he closed the door and sat next to Demi.
Demi had a hard time breathing but she had a little white board next to her, so she could write down whatever she needed to say.
Demi: Do I know u?
Joe sighed.
"I'm sorry Dem. I don't have an excuse, but I still love you. I always will."
Demi scrunched her nose up and narrowed her eyes.
Demi: Who are you?
Joe: Are you seriously not gonna remember me?
Demi I seriously don't know who you are. Can you please go now?
Joe got up from his chair, with tears in his eyes. 
Joe: Fine Demi. Be that way.
He stormed out the door and Demi was left alone.
She pressed the button next to her and in no time a nurse appeared by her side.
"Who was that guy that left my room?" Demi scribbled down.
The nurse smiled at her and ran outside to get a doctor.
Dr. Bellany, Demi's doctor, told Demi to lay back into her bed.
Then she started speaking, with a calm and soft voice.
"We suspect you might have amnesia."
Demi started shaking her head with a terrified look.
Dr. Bellany took Demi's hand and sighed.
"It's okay. We're going to ask you some questions to see how much you remember."

Demi's POV:
This couldn't be happening. I couldn't believe it. My mom was sitting next to me, stroking my hair, but I couldn't remember her having red hair. When did she have it dyed? That was so unlike her. And now that i thought about it, I couldn't remember anything of the past year. But I did remember Wilmer. And my time in treatment. But everything before that, was black.
Oh my gosh. I did have amnesia.

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