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"You and only you." ♥ 8

Last chapter: Demi found out Wilmer was married, so she left Mexico with a broken heart and went back home to L.A.
 Joe opened the door to Demi's house and walked in to her. Demi was laying on the bed, crying her eyes out. Dallas was sitting next to her and hugging her tightly. Dallas:*looks up* Joe? What...? Demi: *blows her nose in a tissue* Joe: Whoa... Dem, what happened? Demi: Wilmer is married. *sobs loudly* Joe: *freezes*
Joe's POV: I tried not to show her I cared, but it tore me apart to know she was hurting. I had to stick to my plan and make her think I didn't love her. I didn't deserve a girl like her. So therefore, I was going to act like an arse until she hated me and moved on. Demi: Did you hear me? Joe: You deserve better than him. *looks at his clock* Oh, I have to run. See you, Dem. *walks out of the room and out through the front door* Demi: What was that? How could he just leave when he sees me like this? Dallas: Demi...? Why was Joe here? Demi: *avoids looking at her* I don't that many people? Dallas: Marissa? Hannah? Why Joe? *suspiscious look* Demi: *sighs* We meet up alot and... We kissed. *guilty look* Dallas: *gasps and puts her hand to her mouth* Demetria Devonne Lovato! You cheated on Wilmer? Demi: Uh- Not technically. We weren't boyfriend/girlfriend yet. It was like this... *tells her everything. Everything.* Dallas: Um... Okay, that's complicated. They're interruppted by a loud knock on the door. Dallas gets up to open it.
Demi's POV: Joe's ignoring me and Wilmer is a jerk. Did I really go from everything to nothing? Why would they want me? They could have any girl in the world ofcourse they were using me... How blind can a person be?
Dallas: *shouts* Erm, Demi? You need to see this.
I slowly get up with my blanket wrapped around my body. I walk out in the hall, and wow, is the first thing I say.
Outside of the door is about 50 men with boquets of roses in their hands. The line is so long, people actually stop just to see what's going on. Some even take some pictures.
Everyone move to the side and Wilmer walks up to my doorstep.
"Demi, I love you. You and only you. Gabriella was a woman I cared alot about, but all my feelings for her are gone. What happened with her, happened so long ago that I didn't even remember mentioning her. My bad, I know. And I'm so sorry, and if you forgive me I'll show you everyday how sorry I am. And how much I love you."

Dallas: *puts her hands over her heart* Awww!
Demi: *wipes away the tears rolling down her cheek while nodding* Yes, ofcourse!
She jumps into Wilmer arms and they kiss for a loooong time.
Wilmer: *whispers in her ear* I love you, princess.

Demi and Wilmer are back together!! Next chapter comes up tomorrow! :)
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