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"He has a new girlfriend." ♥ 9

Last chapter:
Demi and Wilmer reunited, and Joe made Demi feel like crap by being an arse.

Phone convo:
Demi: Hey girl, how are you? *smiles*
Kim: Baby! I missed you so so so so much! I'm great, what about you?
Demi: I'm better than ever. Hey, we need to meet up, are you free tonight?
Kim: Erm... Yeah, I think so. 
Demi: Good. How about we meet at the new club downtown? 
Kim: Nice choice. Let's all were dresses!
Demi: Haha, if you can drop it low in them. Wilmer said that place was craa-zyy.
Kim: *silence* You're still together with Wilmer?
Demi: Yes? Why did you think we broke up?
Kim: I don't know... I'm so happy for you though. Hey, have you talked to Joe lately?
Demi: *pain in chest* Um, no. I haven't seen him since January. Why?
Kim: Eh... I'll see you tonight.
Demi: Kim, don't hang up...!
*Kim hangs up*
Demi: ... On me. *rolls her eyes* 
~End of convo~
Demi is wearing this:
She lays down in her sofa and kicks off her shoes. She just came back from promoting her Seventeen issue.
She closes her eyes and tries to get a quick nap before she has to go to the club with Kim and everyone else.
*Loud knock on the door*
Demi opened one eye and sighed. She got up to answer the door.
Demi: *yells, while walking to the door* Who is it?!
Man: I have a package for Demi Lovato?
Demi: *opens the door* Wha- Oh my gosh! *runs outside* Miley?
Miley: No, it's Jesus. Hi hun, how are you? *hugs Demi tightly*.
Demi: I can't believe you're here! I- I... I don't even know what to say! *smiles big*
Miley: You can say everything, inside. It's cold as f*ck out here.
Demi laughs and they both go inside.
After talking for an hour or so, Miley looks at Demi with an I'm-sorry-I-have-to-be-the-one-to-tell-you-this look.
Miley: Demi, are you truly over Joe? 'Cuz I'd completely understand if a little, little part of you still loved him.
Demi: *sighs* Do we really have to go there? Now?
Miley: Yeah we do. Answer my question, Dem.
Demi: *pain in chest, again* Joe used to call me Dem... Honestly, *shakes her head* I don't know. I don't think so. Why are everyone asking me about Joe today?
Miley: Because he has a new girlfriend. I'm sorry.
Demi's POV:
I felt like someone had just punched me in the face. Actually I felt ten times worse.
Oh. A. New. Girlfriend. Oh. I'm not hurt, why would I be? I have Wilmer, he should be allowed to have a girlfriend too, right? I take five deep breaths, like I was thaught to do back when I was in treatment.
Miley: Demi? Are you okay? *puts her hand on Demis lap*
Demi: Yeah, I'm fine. Let's go and choose outfits for tonight.
Demi was wearing a short black skirt and a tube top.
Her hair and make-up was like this:
And Miley was wearing this:
Her hair and make up was like this:
Miley: We look sexy.
Demi: *laughs* Totally.
Both their phone ring.
They look at eachother and laugh.
Then they say "weird" at the exact same time, and they burst out laughing again.
~Phone Convo~
Demi: *answers the phone while laughing* Hello?
Wilmer: Hey baby.
Demi: Hi! Where are you?
Wilmer: I'm outside, are you girls ready?
Demi: Yes, we'll be there in a minute. Bye, babe.
Wilmer: Ciao, princess.
~End of Convo~
Demi looks at Miley.
Miley: Okay... Yeah, sure. Okay, I'll see you there. Bye, baby.
Demi: Ready to go?
Miley: Demi, we're going to have fun tonight. Forget about Joe and just dance.
Demi: I wasn't thinking about him until you said that.
Miley: *raises an eyebrow* Really?
Demi: Yeah... *silence* Okay, maybe a little. But you're right.  I have you, Wilmer and Kim... You guys are all that I need.
Miley: Aw *smiles* I love you.
They go out hand in hand and sit in the car. Wilmer kisses Demi and says hi to Miley, and then they're off.
~At the club~
Demi's POV:
We were having a blast. I was sweaty from all the dancing.
I was a little drunk too. The music was loud and everyone were having fun. I could see Khloe and Miley were competing about who could do more shots.
Wilmer was talking to some guys. I went over to him and took his hand.
"Hi boys. I'm sorry, but I need my man," I said and dragged him out on the dancefloor.
The music turned to dancehall music and all the girls started shaking, or grinding. I pushed Wilmer against the wall and started grinding on him, just for fun. We were both laughing, while I danced.
Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kim saying something in Miley's ear, while pointing at me.
"Wait, baby, I'll be right back," I said to Wilmer and let go of his hand. Kim and Miley approached me.
"Listen sweetie, if you want to leave now that's fine. We totally understand," Kim shouted in my ear (because the music was so loud), while Miley nodded.
I looked at them with a confused face.
"Why would I wanna leave?"
Miley and Kim exchanged looks and then they both looked at me.
Kim grabbed my hand and pulled me a little bit to the left.
"There," she said and pointed to a group of people. "Do you see them next to that big group?
And I did see them.
He was sitting on a chair while getting a dirty lapdance from some girl.
I shook my head. What was up with him?

Demi: "If he want's to play it like that, I can play it ten times better."
She went back to Wilmer and grabbed his hand.
They got close to Joe and that girl, but Joe was "too caught up in the moment" to notice them.
Demi pushed Wilmer against the wall as she had earlier, but this time when she grinded on him, she was good.
She actually put effort in it, and went up and down.
People stopped dancing and stared at her.
She was on fire.
The girl on top of Joe, slowly stood up and gave Demi a smile. But Joe was not smiling.
The music ended and everyone applauded.
Demi beamed at them and Wilmer grabbed her from behind.
Wilmer: Where did that come from? You're beautiful and sexy! *kisses her*
Demi turned around and the kissing deapend into making out. Demi made sure Joe saw them. She put Wilmer's hand on her waist and started kissing him on the neck.
Then she turned around and acted surprised.
Demi: Joe? Oh my gosh, how are you? *fake smile*
Joe: Demi... *looks down*
Demi: Hi, I'm Demi Lovato. Joe's ex. *shakes hand with the girl*
Girl: I'm Melissa Ayers. Joe's current girlfriend.
Melissa had dark brown hair, and brown eyes. She was very, very, pretty.

Melissa Ayers

Demi smiled at Melissa, before turning to Joe and giving him a BIG slap on his right cheek.
Joe just looked down and Demi looked at Wilmer who had put his hand over his mouth.
Demi: Can we go now, Wil? Sorry you had to see that Melissa. *walks away*


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  1. Where did you get Melissa's picture??! and who is the actress??

    1. I got the picture from tumblr and the actress is Nina Dobrev :)