fredag 2 mars 2012

"He's a lousy cheater." ♥ 7

Gabriella examined Demi very closely and after giving it a second of thought she smiled and said: "Demi Lovato, right?" 
Demi was too confused to respond. 
Gabriella: Oh, I'm sorry. I haven't introduced myself. I'm Gabriella Sanchez... Wilmer's wife.
She grabbed Demi's hand and shook it lightly. 
Demi: *raises eyebrows* What? *smiles* I see what this is. Haha Wilmer, you got me! *turns around to give Wilmer a friendly punch* Is this over now?
Gabriella: It's not a joke, sweetie. He lied to you. He's a lousy cheater, and he always has been. 
Wilmer sat down in a corner and burried his face in his hands. 
Demi's POV:
Who did this woman think she was? She has no right to come in here and say things like this! But... Why wasn't Wilmer saying anything to stop her?
I turned to ask his mother, but she was already gone. Gabriella took my hand and looked at me.
She was very tall, tanned, and had long dark hair. Her green eyes sparkled, and her full, rosy lips were very kissable. She was beautiful and I felt like I stood no chance against her.
"Listen Demi", she said. "I'm very sorry to tell you this, but Wilmer isn't as good as he makes himself out to be. He made me pregnant and when I told him about it he fled the country and went to America. I was just 17 years old, but I raised my baby boy all by myself, and now he has graduated as a straight A student."
I didn't know what to say. I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to believe it.
With tears in my eyes, I turned to Wilmer and asked him.
"Wilmer, look at me," I said with a shaky voice. "This isn't true is it? Please, tell me she's lying." I used my sleeve to wipe away my tears. "Wilmer?" He looked into my eyes, with an I'm-so-sorry look. He didn't have to say anything, his silence said it all.

I stormed down the stairs, grabbed my bags and pushed open the door, leaving everyone behind me shouting my name. I ran down the streets outside, to find a cab.
"Demitria! Wait, please, wait..." Wilmer's mother was running after me.
I couldn't bare seeing her hyperventilate because she was overworking herself, so I went to her and let her sit on one of my bags.
"Breath," I said and hugged her.
She put one finger up as if to stop me from talking.
"Escucha cariño, fue un tiempo hace mucho tiempo. Era sólo un niño. Sé que es mucho para ti, pero por favor le diera otra oportunidad? Usted es la mejor chica que ha conocido jamás, y cuando llegaba a casa a contarme que estaba tan excitada y yo nunca lo he visto tan feliz. Y tú eres la única de las chicas que ha conocido, que realmente me gusta."
"(listen sweetie, it was a very long time ago. He was just a child. I know it's alot for you, but please give him another chance? You are the best girl he has ever met, and when he came home to tell me about you he was so excited and I have never seen him this happy. And you are the only one of the girls he has met, that I actually like.)"
We both laughed when she finished and then she said, "So?"
I shrugged.
"No se. Lo siento, pero te prometo, que voy a pensar en ello."
(I don't know. I'm sorry, but I promise you that I will think about it.)
She smiled sadly and put her hand on my cheek.
"Eres una chica buena."
("You are a good girl.")
I put my hand over hers and smiled with tears in my eyes. A cab finally came, and I helped her up, kissed her on the cheek, and entered my cab.
"Al aeropuerto, por favor," I said with a broken voice.

Demi arriving at LAX:

As soon as she got home she threw herself on her bed and cried. She didn't sob or try to hold it in, she just cried. She let it all out. She cried hysterically and she did nothing to try to stop herself.
"Demi, please, just... Hear me out. I know it's alot to ask for, but please? I love you. Please call me?"
Demi ignored his message and kept crying. She picked her phone up and dialled Joe's number.

~Phone Convo~
Joe: Hello? *sleepy voice*
Demi: *crying* Joe, I need to *sniff* talk to you.
Joe: Is everything okay?
Demi: No. *sniffs*
Joe: I'll be over in, um, a minute. Bye. *hangs up*
 ~End Of Convo~

Joe tried his best to get out of the bed without waking the girl up. He put on his pants and a shirt, and then he went out the door.


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