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"This is not good." ♥ 10

Last chapter: Demi found out Joe had a girlfriend, and she slapped him, hard, infront of everyone. 

Demi grabbed her purse and stormed out of the club. Miley ran after her. 
Demi's POV:
What am I doing? This is not like me! I know I shouldn't have slapped Joe... He didn't deserve it. I deserved what I got, after all I was the one that cheated on Wilmer. I'm not good enough for neither of them.
~End of POV~

Miley: Hey, babe. You made us all proud in there. *kneels down besides Demi*
Demi: *looks at Miley's purse* Do you have any cigarettes?
Miley: Yeah... Why?
Demi: Can I have one?
Miley: Demi, no way! I'm not letting you loose your cigg-virginity. No.
Demi: Please! I really need it, and it's just a one time thing. Come on Miley, I'm 19. I can handle myself.
Miley: *doubts for a second* Okay fine. *gives Demi a cigarette*. 
Demi: And a lighter?
Miley: *looks for one in her purse* I forgot it at home.
Demi: *screams out in frustration* Maybe that girl has one. 
She walks over to a girl that's standing with her back against Demi.
Demi: Hi, excuse me, but do you have a lighter on you?
The girl turns around. It was Melissa Ayers. Joe's girlfriend.
Demi's lost for words and looks away in embarassment.
Melissa: Hey, it's okay. I totally get it.
Demi: You do?
Melissa: *takes a deep breath* There's a guy back in Canada that I love. But I wanted to pursue my dreams so I moved here, and started dating Joe for some publicity. *stops talking for a second* You won't tell him that, right?
Demi: Ofcourse not. We're not really friends, if you know what I mean.
Melissa: *laughs* What has he done? Did he cheat on you?
Demi: *looks at the bottle of vodka in Melissa's hand* No, much worse. Hey, can I have some of that?
Melissa: *shrugs* Take it all, I'm done with it. 
The bottle was half full and it was pure vodka.
Demi put the bottles to her lips and when it ran down to her stomach, she could feel the vodka burning her throath. But she loved it. She kept drinking and the bottle was almost finished now. Melissa looked around nervously. Demi didn't even notice when Melissa ran up to Miley to tell her what was going on. The liquid was easier to drink now and Demi could feel all her problems slowly falling off of her shoulders. Until Miley pushed the magic drink out of her hands.
Miley: Demi! What the f*ck are you doing? Oh my gosh, this is not good. This is not good. 
Miley put Demi's arm around her shoulder and tried to support her so that they could get to Wilmer.
Miley: I'm taking you to Wilmer, and he will take you home again. Okay?
Demi: *moans* Let go of me.
She broke loose from Miley's grip and started walking down the street. Suddenly she felt her heel brake, and what happened next happened in a couple of seconds. Demi lost her balance and started falling towards pavement. She hit her head really hard on the curb. She put her hand to her head and when she looked at it, it was red from all the blood.
Then everything went black.

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