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"This weekend will be magical." ♥ 6

Last chapter: Demi and Wilmer decided to go away for the weekend and Joe slept with another girl.

Wilmer: 'Ready to go?'
Demi: *looks around in her room* Yeah, I think I packed pretty much... everything. *laughs*
Wilmer: *chuckles* This weekend will be magical. *kisses her softly on her lips*
Demi: *smiles and strokes his cheek* I know it will be.

Wilmer takes Demi's luggage to the cab, that was waiting for them outside, and they hed off to LAX.
Wilmer took Demi's hand and smiled at her.
Wilmer's POV:
I'm so happy to be spending the weekend with Demi. She doesn't know that I'm taking her to a suprise trip to Mexico...

Demi was anxious and felt like something was wrong. Something was really wrong.
She picked up her phone and texted Joe.
Demi: Hey. Just wanted to let U know that I'm going on a trip with Wilmer 4 the weekend. Why haven't u called me?
Joe: See U when U get back. Have fun.

Demi sighed and out the phone back into her pocket. What was up with him? One day he says he's in love with her, and the next he's ignoring her. She knew he was unreliable, but she couldn't imagine her life without him. That's why she wrote 'Here We Go Again' about him.
"You only hear half of what I say, and you're always showing up too late. And I know that I should say goodbye, but it's no use. Can't stay with or without you."

Demi's POV:
But then again this weekend was about her and Wilmer. I was not going to let Joe ruin it. And why wasn't he talking to me? He was acting like such a douche. I mean why would I want him when I have Wilmer? Ugh... Stop thinking about Joe, will be harder than I thought.
The cab pulled up at LAX. Why were we here?
They went out of the car and were attacked by papparazzis. Demi covered her face, but they just kept getting closer. Wilmer took her hand and lead her out of the chaos. When they were inside, Demi put on her sunglasses and shook her head.
Demi: "They were crazier than ever. But, now everyone knows about us."
Wilmer: *studies Demi's face* "You okay with that?"
Demi: *smiles big* Ofcourse. *kisses him and the paps go wild*

Demi: Wilmer...?
Wilmer: Surprise princess! We're going to Mexico!
Demi: *jumps on him* What? Oh my gosh, I love you! *kisses him multiply times*
Wilmer: *laughs* Hurry before we miss our flight.
Demi: *grabs his arm* Wait... Does my manager know? She will kill me.
Wilmer: *chuckles* Don't worry baby. I've got it all covered.
Demi: *smiles and holds his hand*
They walk together and after waiting in line and checking in and all, that they're finally on the plane. 
Her hair and make up was like this: http://www.polyvore.com/demi/set?id=44537298
Demi layed back in her chair and sighed happily. 
Demi: "How long before we arrive?" 
Wilmer: *calls air hostess*
Woman: Yes?
Wilmer: How long is it before we arrive?
Woman: About 3 hours, sir. *smiles politely*
Wilmer: Oh, thank you. *smiles*
Woman: No problem.. So, what are you doing in Mexico? *runs her finger along his arm and gives him a flirty smile*
Demi: *opens one eye* He's going there with me! Now leave him alone.
The woman gave Demi a bitchy look before she went to bring the food.
Demi: What a bitch. Can't she see I'm sitting right next to you? What is wrong with people these days?
Wilmer: Demi? Are you okay?
Demi: Yeah, why wouldn't I be?
Wilmer: *hesitates a bit* It's just that you don't usually get this... fiesty.
Demi: *takes a deep breath, smiles and takes his hand* I'm sorry, it's just that I don't like to share my boyfriend with other girls.
Wilmer: You're boyfriend? *smiles* Are we official?
Demi: *kisses him and smiles while her lips are still on his* I think we're ready.
Wilmer: I love you, Demi. 
Demi: I love you too.
Demi's POV: 
Wow. This was the second time in my life I had ever told a boy I loved him and really meant it..
I looked out of the window and I saw beautiful landscape and the crystal clear Pacific was twinkling and glittering. Wow, Mexico was beautiful. It was my third time here but I never really paid much attention to the beauty of the country.

~5 hours later~
Joe's POV:
The club was full of girls, but I was sitting by the bar. I did shots, after shots, after shots. I had never drank this much before, but I needed it to forget about what I had done to Demi with Jessica. I was so drunk now, and all of a sudden the music seemed louder, everything was more fun and the girls were hotter. One of them came up to me and whispered in my ear.
Model: Damn you're hot.
Her green eyes sparkeled and her tanned body was pushed up against mine. I didn't know what I was doing anymore, but one second we were talking to each other and the next we were making out heavily.

Model: *pulls away to breath* Should we go?
Joe: Come.
*They go to his appartment and have sex*

Demi's POV:
Wilmer looked so happy to be back in Mexico. He was smiling the whole time and as when we got out of the cab, he took my hand and kissed me.
"Are you ready to meet my family?", he asked me.
I nodded and we went in the house.
A short elderly lady, with long dark hair and dark skin, came out with tears in her eyes and her hands covering her mouth.
"Wilmer!!" She said. Then she said alot of stuff in spanish, while kissing his cheeks.
Wilmer laughed and hugged her back.
"Mama, esto es Demi." He pointed at me and his Mom slowly approached me.
She looked at me for two seconds and then she said: "Ella es hermosa. Tienes suerte, Wilmer."
I smiled nervously and glanced at Wilmer. Was she telling him how he could get a better girl? What if he realised she was right?
She put her arms around me and squeezed me tight.
"Welcome to familia!" she said with a thick accent. She was a beautiful woman and love just ratiated from her. She was wonderful. 
"Er.. Come on in.. Do not be afraid," she said with a thick accent.
"She means don't be shy," Wilmer whispered in my ear.
They entered the house where, about 50 people were waiting. Some were eating outside, some were dancing, and most of the woman were sitting inside gossiping. The music was very loud and
everyone were talking and it almost seemed like a competition, the one that talked the loudest won. Just as I set my foot into the room, it got deadly quiet. Everyone's heads turned and they screamed. "Wilmer!" The women ran up to him and kissed him on his cheeks. He hugged them back and then he introduced me.
"Todos este es Demi, Demi este es todo el mundo."
I got kisses on the cheeks and I swear I heard someone call me sexy. This felt just like reuniting with family, everyone were so friendly and they definatly brought out the latina girl in me. Next thing I knew I was sitting on a chair with Wilmer's sisters and cousins and telling them about celebrities in Hollywood.
"What about.. er, Beyoncé? Oh, do you know Rihanna? Who cares about Rihanna, what about Miley Cyrus? Or Selena Gomez? Is she still with Justin Bieber?"
"Er.. Miley is really cool. You guys would love her."

Wilmer came up behind Demi and put his hand on her shoulder. She smiled at him.
Demi: I love your family.
Wilmer: I'm glad, because they love you too. You should have heard my mom going on and on about what a nice girl you are.
Demi: *giggles* Aw..
Wilmer takees Demis hands and leads her up the stairs. They enter a little room and just as Wilmer is about to speak, they are interrupted by Wilmer's mother's voice, coming up the stairs.
"Wilmer! Ella está aquí! Gabriella ya está aquï! (Wilmer, she's here! Gabriella is here!)

Demi's POV:
Wilmer's face went pale and his hands started to shake.
Wilmer's mother shook her head and looked very... Upset.
Wilmer's mom: Pensé que estaba en Francia!
I grabbed Wilmer's arm to ask him what was going on but just then a woman came up the stairs.
(She looks like this)

Gabriella: Hola Wilmer... Missed me? *smirks*


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