fredag 3 februari 2012

"Is there someone else?" ♥ 2

It's monday morning and today Demi will go to a signing. 
Demi's POV:
Ah, I'm so excited! I hope alot of fans show up...

She heard someone knock on her door, so she got up from her chair and opened it. It was a man and he was carrying the biggest bouqet of roses she had ever seen.
Man: "Hi! Are you... *reads card* Demi Lovato?"
Demi: *squeaks* Yes! *big smile*
He came in and placed the boquet on her kitchen table.
Then he went out the door, waved and started his truck.
Demi closed the door after him, and ran to read the card.
Demi's POV:
Joe is so sweet! He really does want me back..
I opened the card and read it out loud: "For my princess. I hope you are doing okay? Please call me. Te amo ~ Wilmer"
I stopped reading and my heart started pounding. 
I grabbed my cellphone and called him. But I only got to his voicemail.

Demi: "Hey baby! I'm so sorry I didn't call you, I was sick. But I'm feeling better now. Call me, and we'll get together... Um, yeah. Bye!"
Demi's POV:
This will be interesting...

~2 hours later~

*someone knocks on the door*
Demi puts down her eyeliner to go open the door. It was Wilmer.
Wilmer: "Hey!"
Demi: "Hey baby!"
Wilmer: "Are you ready?"
Demi: "Yeah, sure. Let me just go grab my bag."
*she takes her bag and checks her messages. None were from Joe*
Demi sighed and looked up at Wilmer, smiling.
Demi: "Let's go."

They entered the restaurant and a waiter immediatley approached them. They were taken to a special room and the dinner was served in no time.
Wilmer: *clears his throat* So, how do you like your food?
Demi: *smiles* It's really great. Thank you.
*awkward silence*
Wilmer: Listen Demi, is something bothering you?
Demi: What do you mean?
Wilmer: You're so quiet and distant. Is something wrong? *long pause* Is there someone else? *sad look*
Demi: What? Wilmer, no! I'm here, because I want to. *smiles and takes his hand*
Demi's POV:
Okay, so maybe that was a tiny lie. But I actually do love Wilmer, I'm just not sure if I love him the same way he loves me..
They finished their food and left the restaurant. When they sat down in his car, Wilmer looked at Demi and asked: Do you want to go to my place, or..?
Demi's POV:
Oh my gosh... He wants to have sex.

Demi: Erm, I'm actually really tired. Maybe another time?
Wilmer: Yeah, sure.
After 15 minutes, they were outside Demi's house, and Wilmer got out of the car. He followed Demi to her door, as the sweet gentleman he was.
They stood on the porch for a while and just looked into eachothers eyes.
Demi: Goodnight, Wilmer.
Wilmer: Goodnight. *polite smile, turns around and goes back to the car*
Demi understood that he was hurt so she went after him.
Demi: Wilmer!
*Wilmer turns around*
*Demi givs him a long, lingering kiss on the lips*
Wilmer: *closed eyes* Wow.. *smiles*
Demi: *smiles, and takes her hand and places it on Wilmer's cheek* Goodnight.
She turned around and went back to her house, but this time she had huge smile on her lips and her heart was flickering...

Was she... falling for him?

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