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"I wanted her so bad, but I loved her too much." ♥ 4

Demi and Joe looked into each others eyes for a couple of seconds before they continued kissing and stumbled into her house. Joe slammed the door shut behind him and they kept on making out while walking to her bed. Joe gently layed her down on the bed and Demi started taking her clothes off. 
Joe's POV:
She was  laying there, just in her bra, with her hair all over the place. She was kissing me down my neck and I wanted her so bad, but I loved her too much.

Joe closed his eyes and rolled off Demi.
Joe: "Wait."
Demi breathed heavily. "What's wrong?"
Joe closed his eyes and when he opened them again, he was more certain of his decision. "I'm not gonna let you do this. I won't let you do something, that you might regret later."
Demi's face went blank when realization hit her and she turned away. "Oh."
But Joe grabbed her arm and brought her back so that she was looking at him. Tears were on the verge off falling from the rim of her eyes. He held her face, between his hands and forced her to look at him.
 "Demi. I told you I would prove to you how much I love you. This is me trying to prove it to you." 
Demi nodded and forced herself to give him a faint smile.
Joe kissed her on her cheek and swung his legs over the bed. He walked over to the door and stumbled on his own shirt. He picked it up and put in on. 
Demi  rested on her elbow, as she watched him put his jeans on."You're leaving?"
"Um, yeah."
Demi twirled with her finger in her sheet and put on an innocent voice. "You know, you can stay if you want to.."
Joe turned and looked at her. He saw the hope rising in her eyes, and he couldn't bear to refuse her offer. "Ofcourse, I want to."
He went back to the bed, gave her a soft kiss, and crawled into the sheets with Demi. She rested her head on his shoulder, and fell asleep.

Demi yawns, and slowly opens her eyes. She was resting on her pillow and not on Joe's shoulder. Where was he? 
She got out of her bed and searched for him in the kitchen. 
Wrapped around her body, was a white sheet.
She saw his back and he was cooking breakfast. Demi smiled and leaned against the wall.
"Hey, baby."
Joe turned around and it wasn't Joe. It was WILMER.
Demi's mouth dropped and so did the sheet she was plunging on to, three seconds ago.
Wilmer raised his eyebrows and smiled, when he spotted her revealed body. "Woah."
Demi quickly picked up the sheet and sprung to hide behind the door. "Wilmer?!"
Wilmer he chuckled. "Thanks for the welcoming suprise."
Demi rushed back to her room. "Um... I have to go put something on. It's cold."
She put on an outfit (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=43992614) before she went back to Wilmer.
Feeling more secure, now that she was wearing clothes she went up to him. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming?"
He shrugged. "Wanted to suprise you." He said easily and flipped a pancake. "Pancakes for my princess."
Demi smiled weakly. "So that's why he left," she muttered to herself.
Wilmer: "What?"
Demi she looked up at Wilmer. "Nothing." There was an awkward silence between the two, before Demi deicded to break it. "I'm so sorry, but I have to leave after breakfast. I'm going to try on some dresses for the PCA's."
Wilmer put a plate where Demi was sitting, and one across the table for himself. "Can I come with?"
Demi gave him a genuine smile. "Ofcourse, you can."

Demi's POV:
Wilmer was one of the sweetest guys I have ever dated. Like, seriously. And I hate it, but I'm more attracted to the bad-boy, kind of guys. I know Wilmer is the best guy for me, but... My heart still wants Joe. 

Who do you guys think Demi should be with? :) Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

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