fredag 10 februari 2012

"You know I love you?" ♥ 3


Demi checked her cellphone. 1 new text. She opened it and smiled as she read it.
Wilmer: Goodmorning beautiful.
Demi: Hey, Wil.
Wilmer: Hola, mi amor. How are you?
Demi: *bits her lip* I would be doing better if you were here.
Wilmer: *chuckles* I'll be home soon. Las Vegas is no fun without you.
Demi: Aaw.. So, what are you doing right now?
Wilmer: I was actually talking to Joe..
Demi: *raises eyebrows* Joe who? Joe Jonas?
Wilmer: Yeah. He's really cool.
Demi: Hm.. Um, I have to go, I'll talk to you later.
Wilmer: Okay, bye.
*Demi hangs up*
~End of convo~
Demi's POV:
Why the heck were they talking? My ex and my boyfriend are not supposed to know eachother, and absolutlely not be friends!
She looked in the fridge for some food and decided to call for some pizza.
Just as she was about to pick her phone up, her display lit up and her phone vibrated. She had a new text. Her heart skipped a beat. From Joe. 
She opened the text.
Joe: I'm sorry.
Demi's heart stopped and she felt angry. Betrayed. They haden't been talking for 3 months. Why now?
With shaking hands, she replied.
Demi: Y? I'm doing fine.
Joe: I need 2 see U.
Demi: Meet me in 30 @ our place.
Joe: Thank u :)
Demi's POV:
Oh crap! Why did she just text him that? Well, maybe it was for the best... 
Joe's POV:
I can't believe she agreed to meeting me! Maybe she still has a thing for me...

~50 minutes later~ 

Demi saw Joe sitting on a bench, faced towards the sea. He was doing something with his phone. Maybe texting. Demi took a deep breath and started walking towards him. Her phone vibrated in her hand and she answered it.
Demi: Hello?
Joe: Hey, it's me. Are we still up for today, or...? 'Cuz I'm here.
Demi: Look behind you.

Joe turned around and raised his eyebrows. He eyed Demi up and down. 
"Wow.. You look..." He just shook his head and smiled. "Unbelievable."
Demi: Thank you, you look great yourself.
Joe: Um, you can sit *points at the bench*
Demi: *smiles and sits down awkwardly*
Joe: So, I need to talk to you. I want to apologize for everything. I was a total jerk and I know I don't deserve you, but if you could just give me another chance-
Demi: Joe, I...
Joe: *puts his finger to her lip* Wait, just.. Just hear me out. I have never felt this way about someone before, Demi. I loved you since we were kids, since Camp Rock. You are special and I know it's alot to ask for, but can you please forgive me? I'm so sorry.
Joe picked up a guitar next to him and started singing a song called 'I'm Sorry'.
"Sorry, sorry baby. What can I do to show you I'm sorry?"
Demi's tears were running and she just shook her head.
Joe sighed.
Demi: Joe, you know I miss you. You know love you. So how can you ask for us to be just friends? You know it wouldn't work. 
Joe: *takes her hand* We'll make it work.
They looked at eachother and the minutes just passed by. 
It was sunset and they couldn't be in a more romantic situation. 
Joe: Let's have a picnic. I have food. *picks up a basket of food*
Demi: *laughs* This is just like in a movie. 
They sat down and ate. They didn't leave that beach until midnight. 
Joe gave her a ride home.
Demi got out of the car and he followed her to the door. 
Joe: So..
Demi: *giggles* So..
Joe leans closer and whispers in her ear: "I need you."
Demi shivered and couldn't resist it anylonger. She pulled Joe so that his body was tight against her and kissed him hard. It got deeper and they started making out. They didn't stop, only when they needed to breath.
Demi: *breathless* Wanna come in?

Will Joe come in and will she do it with him and cheat on Wilmer?

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