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"He deserved better than me." ♥ 5

Last chapter: Joe told Demi he loved her too much to make love to her while she was in a relationship with Wilmer. Kind of. Wilmer came back from L.A and now Demi is going to the PCA's.

Demi tried on her dress. She was in her dressing room, together with her stylist, Ana, while Wilmer was waiting outside. She came out from her booth, lead by Ana, since she was closing her eyes.
"Ay, ay, ay mamacita. You look amazing!" Demi could hear how surprised Wilmer was, which made her giggle a bit.
"I knew this dress was for you," Ana mumbled.
Demi smiled and thanked them. Suddenly Ana let go of the grip on her shoulders, and whispered 'open your eyes'. Demi did as Ana said, and slowly opened her eyes. Infront of her was a full length mirror in and when she revealed her reflection, staring back at her, she gasped and felt her heart flutter.
Demi's POV:
I don't care how I will look when I open my eyes. I'm beautiful, inside. That's all that matters.

I slowly opened my eyes and I was stunned. The dress hugged my curves perfectly and I didn't look like a girl. I was a woman. And I loved it.

"The dress is beautiful!" Demi spun around and laughed happily. 
Wilmer slowly came up behind her and put his hands on her waist. "You are beautiful." 
Demi turned around, smiling, but a small voice in the back of her head was screaming. It was screaming Joe's name.

Joe's POV:
My phone vibrated. I looked at the display, which told me I had a new text. It was from Belinda. A model chick I had been hanging out with.

Belinda: U coming 2 Rob's BDAY 2night?
Joe: R U gonna B there?
Belinda: Ofcourse
Joe: Then I'll see U there ;)

Demi and Wilmer went to their favorite restaurant and ordered their food. They were clicking champagne and life was good. Demi forgot about all her troubles with Joe and she was just laughing the whole night. 
Demi's POV:
Wilmer is such a great guy. He deserved better than me.

Just as if he was reading her minds, he cleared his throath and put his hands over hers. "Demi, the last two months we've spent together, dating, have been some of the most amazing months of my life."
Confusion took over Demi's mind. Dating? She thought that they were just friends, that were a bit flirty. Oh gosh, Wilmer thought they were serious about each other..
"I wanted to ask you if you, wanted to go away for the weekend with me? To Mexico?"
Demi raised her eyebrows and her lips seperated slightly.
"Ehm... That sounds great, but I really need to check with my dad. My manager."
Wilmer let go of her hands and nodded furiously.
"Ofcourse, no problem." He smiled widely.
Demi excused herself and went away to call her dad.
When she was alone in the ladies room, she picked up her phone and as she was scrolling through her contacts her eyes got stuck on a certain name. Joe.
She felt her breath get stuck in her throath, and without thinking she pressed 'call'.

Joe got to the club. The music was loud, he was drunk, the girls were half-naked, he was really drunk. He was having fun and Belinda sneaked up behind him. She kissed him on the cheek. He turned to look at her, and when he saw her he lit up.
"Ey, Bell!" He grabbed her face and gave her a sloppy kiss.
Belinda smiled and gave him a little push. "Are you already wasted?"
"Mm," Joe said and started nibbling on her ear, while his hands slowly slid from her neck to her lower back, and finally rested on her bum.
 Belinda threw back her head and let Joe kiss her on her neck.
Finally Joe let his lips leave her burning skin, just to say the following sentence. "Let's go to my place." He stared into her brown eyes, and after a second of doubt, she shrugged and took his hand and let him lead her out of the club.
When they got into the cab, they continued their heavy make out session, and suddenly his phone started ringing. He sighed and reached for it in his pocket, but couldn't find it.
Belinda picked it up from the seat next to her. Giggling, she answered it.
"Hi, this is Joe's phone."

Demi's POV:
Just when I was about to hang up, he picked up.
"Hi, Joe it's-"
I was interuppted by a high pitched female voice.
"Hi, this is Joe's phone."
I felt how my heart stoppped beating, and I couldn't find any words to say.
In the  background I could hear Joe, asking her who it was.
With shaking hands I hung up, and swallowed the big lump in my throath.
I stormed out of the room and back to Wilmer who was waiting for me.
With burning eyes, and a sore throath I sat down across the table. And with a shaky voice I said,
"Let's go to Mexico."

Joe's POV: 
I wake up and the sunlight blindens me, so i close my eyes again and moan. I am  so hungover. I get out from my bed and drag myself to the kitchen. I see Belinda standing there, making breakfast, in her underwear only. She turns around and smiles.

Belinda crawled over the bed, with a teasing smile on her face, and when she reached me, she kissed me on the lips. "Hey tiger. You were wild last night."
I felt my stomach flip over and the nausea hit me, when I realised what I had done.
Holy shit, I'm an asshole.

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