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"I hate him for leaving me." ♥ 27

*ring ring*
Demi looked at her phone and felt her heart sink, when it wasn't Sam's caller ID. It was Eddie.
- Hi dad.
- Hey baby. I have some big news and I need you to come to the studio. Now.
- Fine, I'll be there in 10.
- Great. 

And her hair and make up was like this: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7q3tjlXsi1rtmhj4o1_250.jpg

Demi arrived at the studio and the first thing she saw was her dad's face.
- Hey dad!
- Hello, pumpkin.
They hugged for a while, before Demi pulled away and looked into her father's eyes.
- What's going on..? She asked a bit suspiciously.
Eddie grinned and Demi waited for his response.
"You're going to guest star on the hit show 'Shameless Girl'!"
Demi squealed and gasped.
 "Oh my gosh, no way! I love that show!"
"I know!" Eddie laughed when Demi hugged him. "And you're going to do two episodes. You're playing Donna Finnley. The bad girl."
Demi smiled and it finally felt as if things were better in her life.

As soon as Demi got home she picked up her phone and called Sam.
"Hi Sam, it's me. I have some big news..."
"Demi, can it wait 'til later.. I'm kinda busy right now."
Demi looked down and felt the dissapointment slap her, hard in the face, but she just shrugged and nodded. Even though Sam couldn't see her.
"Um, yeah. Whatever."
"Okay, bye. Love you."
Just as I was about to hang up, I heard a woman's voice in the background.
"Who's that?"
Sam didn't answer her.
"Sam, tell me!"
"It's no one, okay? Can we drop it now?"
Demi hung up and felt the tears fill her eyes. She couldn't breathe. No one? She was no one? Why didn't he want to talk to her? It was definatley not how he was acting last night. Demi rubbed her shoulder as she thought of it and tried to relax. She sat down on her kitchen chair. As she was opening her fridge and taking out some pizza, from yesterday, she couldn't help but hearing a small voice in her head, screaming: "He was just using you. You were just another useless girl in his eyes." The voice got louder and louder and Demi slammed her plate on her table and buried her face in her hands.
Demi's POV:
I hated this feeling. Being used, being tossed around, being replaced...
Suddenly I could hear my phone ring. I picked it up and answered it without checking the caller ID.
"Hello?" I took a deep breath and tried to cover the fact that I was crying two seconds ago.
"Hey, Demi. It's Sel."
I sighed of relief and got up from my chair.
"Hi, girl. How are you?"
"Demi, are you crying?"
"What? No." Demi faked a laugh and hoped Selena would buy it.
"Oh my gosh, Demi, are you okay?"
Demi opened her mouth to protest, but Selena cut her to it.
"Okay, that's it." Demi could hear her gathering her keys and other stuff in the background.
"I'm coming over."
Demi sighed, but a part of her was thankful. Selena was a true friend.

Demi's POV:
After we said goodbye, I wiped away some tears and got up from my chair. I put my pizza in the microwave, and logged on to twitter.
""The smartest thing a woman can ever learn, is to never need a man." 
I tweeted it and checked my mentions. BAM. I was getting spammed by thousands of people about Joe and... Amira?
I noticed that 'Joe and Amira' were the top trend world wide.
I immediatley googled it, and pictures of the two kissing were everywhere.
I know I shouldn't be jealous, but I couldn't help it. Amira was beautiful.. No wonder he wanted her over me.
I clicked on an article and read it.
"Is this Hollywood's newest, hot couple?
Joe Jonas and a mystery girl were spotted outside his house three days ago. The name of that girl has been revealed by Joe himself on the social network, Twitter.
'Many of you guys have been asking me about the girl I was seen with a couple of days ago.. Well, I usually like to keep that sorta stuff to myself, but she's so amazing that I want to share her with you guys. Me and Amira are together and she's a beautiful, wonderful girl that I love. :-)'
There you have it! Joe and Amira are officially an item! Sorry to break your hearts girls!"
I was brought back to reality when I heard Selena knock on the door.
"Demi, you there?"
I ran to open the door.
It only took Selena a second to understand something was wrong. She opened her arms and let me cry on her shoulder.
Selena gently pushed me away from her, and stared into my eyes, with a look of understanding.
"You saw the pictures of Joe?"
I nodded and we sat down in the couch.
"But that's not it... Last night, Sam and I..."
I stopped talking and avoided her eyes.
I felt very uncomftorable talking to her about that sort of stuff. We didn't really have that kind of relationship, that was more of a me and Miley kind of thing.
But, Miley wasn't in my life anymore, so I took a deep breath and decided to tell Selena anyways.
"We... er, you know.."
Selena looked at me with confused eyes at first, but when it finally hit her, she let out an 'oooh' and nodded.
"Yeah," I said and waited for her to attack me about how stupid I was.
But Selena just let her lips curl up to a smile.
"So, how was it?"
I stared at her and we both burst out in laughter.
"It was amazing. He was amazing."
Selena sighed and smiled.
"Wait, what do you mean with was?"
I felt my heart sink a bit, as I was reminded of Sam leaving me.
"He left me."
She didn't say anything. She just put her hand over mine, and looked at me with a sincere look in her warm eyes.
"I'm sorry, Demi."
"No, it's okay."
She nodded, but didn't take her eyes away from me. I could tell she was worried.
"Really, Sel. I'm fine," I lied.
But she still wasn't convinced.
"Lying to me, won't help."
I rolled my eyes and fell back to the cushions.
"Okay, fine. I hate him for leaving me."
Selena nodded with a look of understanding.
"I know how you feel."
She actually did.
"Nick still talks about you, you know."
She shrugged.
"He hasn't talked to me, in years."
There was a moment of silence. We were both thinking about how Nick had left Selena for Miley. I had never, ever, seen Selena so shattered and devestated.
"Anyways, do you know why he left?"
I nodded and told her the whole story from the beginning.
"And now, Sam and Miley won't talk to me."
I finally looked up and saw Selena hold in her breath.
"You can say it."
Selena immediatley started talking.
"Didn't I tell you Miley was a bitch? She's just so fake! I would never leave you for anyone else."
I kept silent.
I could see her looking at me from the corner of my eye.
"You do know that, right?"
"I guess..."
Selena moved closer to me and let out a frustrated sigh.
"When are you going to get over him, Demi? I've been begging for your forgivness, for like three years. Taylor wasn't worth it. And I never talked to him after our talk."
I could see she was about to cry, so I just hugged her.
"And people thought we were fighting about Taylor Swift."
We giggled and it felt like good old times again.
We sat and looked at eachother.
And that's when I remembered.
"Oh my gosh, I totally forgot to tell you!"
Selena's eyes hinted excitement.
"What? Tell me!"
"I got a guest starring role in Shameless Girl!"
Selena screamed and threw her arms around me.
"Demi, that's awesome!"

~3 weeks later~
Demi's POV:
A woman walked up to me and shook my hand.
"Hello, my name is May, and I'm going to show you around the set today."
She was talking very fast, as if she was in a hurry.
"Cool," I said and beamed.
"But first, you're going to meet the cast."
I just nodded and smiled. I was so excited!
May showed me into a room where a bunch of girls were getting there makeup done.
As soon as I walked in, everybody's eyes turned to me.
I turned to my left to see a girl with brown hair, and brown eyes. She was very, very pretty.
I shook her hand, but she just looked at me with her mouth slightly opened and her eyebrows furrowed.
"You don't remember me." She said it more as a statement than as a question.
I shook my head and smiled apologetically.
"I'm sorry, it's just that I meet so many new people everyday, and..."
"My name's Melissa."
"Oh, now I remember..." 
"Joe's ex?"
I closed my mouth and now it was my turn to look at her with a confused look.
"You know... Joe?"
A girl with black hair and striking green eyes, came between us and shook my hand.
"My name's Naomi Sparks."
I nodded and pointed at her.
"Yeah, I know you... You play Laura on the show, right?"
She looked at me, up and down. Taking me in, before she shrugged.
"I guess not every famous girl in Hollywood can be pretty But that's okay, you're setting an example for... less beautiful girls." She gave me a perfect smile, before she walked away.
Melissa waved her hand before my eyes and my attention was on her.
"Demi, d on't listen to her. She's just a stuck up bitch, that thinks she can get whatever she wants, because she's Kyle Sparks daughter."
Kyle Sparks was the man that owned the movie studio.
"No way. Sparks' Studios?"
Melissa nodded.
"Anyways, I promise you the rest of us are way nicer."
I smiled and followed her to the rest of the girls.
They were all so perfect and beautiful.
I felt my self-esteem drop to the ground.
A girl with long black hair waved at me.
"Hi, and welcome. My name is Aurora, but you can call me Rory."
I nodded and smiled politley.
 A tiny girl next to her with curly, red hair leaned back on her chair, so that she could get a proper look at me. She had red cheeks and a big smile. Her blue eyes were sparkling.
"Oh my gosh, hey! My name is Raven and I'm so excited to meet you!"
She had a deep southern accent, and she was very cute.
I laughed and so did the rest of the girls.
"You're excited for everything," said Melissa and Raven nodded in agreement.
"I guess that's kind of true."

I was getting my hair and make up done as the girls were shooting.
Just as I had gotten into my clothes, May peaked in and told me I had to come out.
I took a deep breath and shook my hands, so that i could let all of my nervosity out.
I walked on set with a new found confident and a smile.
The director showed me where to stand.
I felt someone standing behind me. It was Naomi Sparks.
"It's going to be fun playing against you. I'm so excited."
I rolled my eyes and turned around so that we were standing, eye to eye.
"Screw you."
She faked a gasp and put a hand over her chest.
"Ouch. That hurt." She laughed.
Our director, Mike, clapped his hands.
"You girls ready, eh?" He said with his smokey voice.
I nodded and gave him a thumbs up.
"Alright. Let's roll. Action!"
I got into my character and looked at Naomi with fierce eyes.
"You must be Laura," I said and smiled smugly.
Naomi raised an eyebrow, and I saw that she was surprised I wasn't messing up.
"Yes. And, who are you?"
I slowly took a step closer to her.
"I'm Donna."
Naomi nodded.
"Well, Donna, you- I mean I.."
"Cut!" Mike yelled.
Naomi avoided my eyes.
I felt so satisfied.
"I guess not every actress in Hollywood can be great," I said, holding in my laughter.
Naomi glared at me, but I could see I was humiliating her.
"But that's okay, you're setting an example for the less... talented girls."
Naomi didn't say anything, but her knuckles were turning white, because she had her fists clutched so hard.
I could hear some girls from the cast giggle.
Naomi turned around and started walking towards Mike.

Naomi's POV:
"What's wrong, eh? We're in the middle of a shooting!" Mike gestured to Demi who was standing with a proud smug across her obnoxious face.
I just wanted to slap it of her face, which I get to do this week, when we shoot the next episode. But I wanted to slap her, for real.
She was just so cocky and... ugh.
I turned back to Mike, and this time I spoke with a sure voice.
"I wan't her off this show."
Mike looked around and started laughing nervously. The rest joined him.
He laughed and pointed at me.
"You- You're funny."
I didn't move a muscle in my face and glared at him.
"You're an idiot."
He stopped laughing, and I could see the fear in his eyes.
"Listen, we can't kick her off this show. And it's only for two episodes!"
I took a step closer to him with my finger pressed against his chest.
"If you don't kick that trash, of my show, I'll make sure daddy gets rid of you." I raised an eyebrow.
Mike nodded.
"But, we'll finish this scene."
I looked back and saw everyone stare at me. Melissa was calling me, to come back.
I gave Mike a deadly look and walked back to Demi.

Naomi Sparks:

You guys remember Melissa? She's the one that Demi was drinking with, before she hit her head and forgot Joe. :) Please leave a comment about what you thought of this chapter. There will be more drama, and more Jemi in the next chapter. Promise!

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