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"You're engaged!" ♥ 25

Last chapter: Demi and Sam are officially dating! 
Joe came to Demi's show with roses, but walked away when he saw her and Sam kissing. 
Demi received a text from Miley, where a 'mystery girl' was leaving Joe's apartment at 2 am.

Demi's hari and makeup:
Demi's dress:

Demi knocked on the door.
Sam fixed his tie and Demi squeezed his hand.
'Don't worry. You look great,' she said and gave him a long kiss.
'Hello, lovebirds.' 
Demi smiled and kissed him with more passion. Miley laughed and both girls hugged eachother. 
They all went into the living room.
'Liam,' Miley called his name and Demi could hear his footsteps when he came down the stairs.
'Demi!' He came down the stairs and kissed her on the cheek.
'Liam, you australian beast.' They laughed and hugged.

The dinner was already served on the table, with candles and everything.
Sam pulled out the chair for Demi to sit, and then sat down next to her.
'Whoa.. This looks fancy,' Demi said and looked at Miley.
Miley smiled and Demi noticed something different about her. She was... shining. She was radiant and smiley, and what was that on her finger. Oh my gosh, it was a diamond ring!
'Omg, you're engaged!!!' Demi screamed and ran around the table to hug Miley.
They started screaming and Miley showed her, her ring.
'Holy sh*t, it's huge!' 
Miley squealed and nodded.
 'I know!!!'
Liam looked at Sam and they both smiled and muttered, 'Girls..'
'Congrats, I wish you all luck,' Sam said and Liam thanked him with a big smile.
Demi sat down next to Miley and smiled while shaking her head in disbelief.
'Oh my gosh, I'm gonna cry.' She laughed while whiping away some tears of joy trickling down her cheek.
Miley embraced her in a hug and squeezed her.
'Aaaw. Don't cry, sweetie! I love you.'
Demi looked into Miley's eyes and said 'I love you' back.
'Who else knows?' She asked, while exploring the ring on Miley's finger.
'Um, our families. And now, you and Sam know,' Liam said.
'Still can't believe this... Who are you inviting to the wedding?'
Miley shrugged.
'Just family and friends.'
Demi nodded and Miley understood what she had really meant when asking the question.
'I think I'm inviting Nick too. I think Joe and Kevin are coming if he comes.'
Demi looked up at Miley with big eyes.
'Um, excuse me,' she said with an apologetic smile on her face while dragging Miley to a small, dark room and closing the room behind them.
Miley sighed. She turned on the lights and layed down on a bed.
Demi sat down next to her.
'How can you invite him? After all he did to you? He's a loser Miley.'
Miley sat up and Demi could see her eyes getting teared up.
'He was still my first love. And I told you, I've forgiven him.'
Demi placed her hand on Miley's and looked into her blue eyes.
'But I haven't.'
Miley sighed, again.
'I also haven't forgiven myself. I know that if I had just...'
'Demi, stop.'
'No, it's all my fault!' It was now Demi's turn to cry.
Miley cupped Demi's face in her hands and forced her to look at her.
'Don't. I'm over Nick. I just... I mean I was hurt. Really hurt.'
Demi looked down at her fingers and guilt was written all over her face.
'But,' Miley continued, 'It's not your fault. You didn't know. Selena however...'
Miley said her name with utter disgust and Demi coudn't help but crack a smile.
She was used to being in the middle of their fights, and it felt just like old times again.
'I can't believe you're getting married, Miles. I'm so proud of you.'
Miley  laughed and placed her finger under her eye to stop the tears from falling.
'You are the best friend a girl could have, Demi. And there was something I needed to ask you... Will you be  my maid of honor at the wedding?'
Demi's hands shot to her mouth in surprise. 'Oh my gosh, ofcourse! I'd be honored too.' She gave Miley a big hug and both of the girls giggled.
'You're a piece of shit!' *bam*
Demi and Miley jumped when they heard the loud shouting from the livingroom.

Demi's POV: Me and Miley ran out of the room. We saw Sam and Liam fighting. Liam pushed Sam off of him with all the force within him. He pushed Sam against the wall and punched him hard in the face.
'Liam, stop!!' Miley screamed, but it was like he couldn't hear her.
Sam wrestled Liam down on the ground and punched him twice in the jaw and once in the stomach.
I ran up to him and pushed him off of Liam. I knew I wasn't strong enough, but atleast I had his attention. He shoved me to the side and the force made me fall down on the floor. I hit the floor with head first and my arm  hit the table. I could instantly see the shades of a bruise. I looked up at Sam, who was looking down on me.
The emotions on his face were indescribable. It was a mix of shock, sadness, anger...
'What are you doing?' The words escaped my lips, like a whisper.
Sam slowly turned back to Liam who was bleeding from his nose. Sam himself was bleeding from his lip.
He stood up and picked me up from the floor. When he put me down on the floor, I could feel my body tremble. Not from the fall, but from the shock. I saw him look at me with tears in his eyes. He was so dissapointed in himself. Sam turned to Miley, who was holding her stomach, and staring at Sam with her mouth open.
'I'm sorry.' Sam turned back to Liam, with daggers shooting from his eyes. 'We're done here.'
He went opened the door, grabbed his jacket and slammed the door after him.
I couldn't speak. My mouth was dry and I felt lightheaded.
'Miley...' I turned to her, but she wouldn't look at me.
She was sitting by Liam's side wiping his blood away, carefully with a napkin.
Her tears were dripping from her cheeks.
Liam groaned when she used alcohol to clean his sores.
After standing there for a minute, she finally looked at me.
'Look, I'm really sorry... I don't know what happened to him...'
Miley opened her mouth as if to say something, but Liam interruppted.
'Demi, you know I care for you. And I only mean well when I say Sam's bad news. He did things, I'll never forgive him for doing.' He tried to sit up but groaned out loud when the pain took over. He doubled over in pain and Miley tried to soothe him.
I looked at her. She was finally saying something. The relief ran through my body, but stopped abruptly when she looked away and said, 'I think you need to go.'
I felt like I had been punched in the stomach, or kicked in the face.
'... You're angry at me?'
Miley didn't answer.
I shook my head in disbelief and swallowed the lump in my throath. I grabbed my jacket and opened the door.
'Yes,' she said with a horse voice. 'Why can't you ever be with a decent guy? Isn't there anything in your life you can do right?'
As soon as those words left Miley's lips, a tension filled the room.
I slowly turned around, and looked at her with hurt in my eyes. My mouth was slightly open and tears were trickling down my red cheeks. All the air had disappeared from my body and I was speechless.
Miley pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head.
'I didn't mean that.'
I nodded and shrugged, at the same time, and when I opened my mouth a voice came out that I didn't even recognize. It was cold and emotionless.
'You did mean that. Just remember, the next time you need a shoulder to cry on, I won't be here.'

Before I slammed the door behind me, I turned to Miley and looked her in the eyes.
'Oh, and you can find a new maid of honor. I won't attend your wedding. That's one thing in my life I'm doing right.'
Miley's face was indifferent, but the tears gave her away. I knew I had hit a soft spot.
I shut the door behind me and walked over to Sam's car.
I pushed the handle and entered the seat next to him.
That's when I started crying uncontrollably. I buried my face in my hands and Sam took me into his warm embrace.
He didn't say anything but the kisses he plantd on my forehead, showed me more than words ever could.

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