torsdag 17 maj 2012

"This is so unfair!" ♥ 18

Last Chapter: Demi and Sam kissed!

Demi put on her make up with a big smile on her lips. The feeling of Sam's lips, was still there. 
She put on some clothes and put her hair up in a bun.
Just then she heard her ringtone.
Her manager was calling her. A.K.A her dad.
Eddie: Demi I have booked a flight for you, and you are coming home. NOW.
Demi: But dad...
Eddie: No buts. Your flight departs at 8 p.m. If you're not on it... You're fired.
Demi: WHAT?!
Eddie: Sorry pumpkin. Love you.
*hangs up*

Demi: This is so unfair! *throws phone on bed*¨
She sighed and put on her dress. She went to the hairsalon and fixed her hair. She put on some make up.
2 hours later and she was back at her hotel room, looking more beautiful than ever.

She called Sam with a shaking voice and tears in her eyes.
Sam: Hey Demi. What's up?
Demi: *sniffs* I just wanted to say bye.
Sam: Wh- What?
Demi: I have to go back to L.A. *wipes away her tears*
Sam: Demi...
Demi: I'm sorry. I will miss you. Bye Sam.
Sam: Wait! Demi don't hang up on me!
Demi: *murmurs* I'm sorry.
*hangs up*

~4 hours later~

Demi was running to her flight while cursing. She was dragging the luggage behind her and it kept hitting her leg. She barely made it.
But Demi was lucky, and the flight attendant just came out of the toilet.
Demi: *breaths heavily* I'm supposed to be on the plane to Los Angeles. Has it departed yet?
Flight attendent: *smiles politley* No, we're still boarding. You're lucky.
Demi: *sighs relieved* Thank you God. *looks up with a thankful smile*
Demi sits down in her chair and closes her eyes. She puts in her earphones and smiles when Breathe Me by Sia plays.
Someone taps her on her shoulder and she opens one eye to see who it was.
Demi's eyes are wideopen and she can't even speak. This could NOT be happening.

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