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"I have amnesia, remember?" ♥ 19

Last Chapter: Demi is on a plane back to L.A.

Demi: "Oh my gosh! Selena?!
Selena: What are you doing here? *hugs Demi*
Demi: Um... I just...
Selena: Yeah, I saw the pictures. Of you and Joe.
Demi: *buries face in her hands*
Selena: Why would you? How could you? Wilmer loves you Demi.
Demi: Excuse me? You were not there, so don't judge me. Joe kissed me. 
Selena: Oh, so you didn't kiss back?
Demi: ... Maybe, a little. *sighs* It's just, I feel like I know him. 
Selena: You do. You've known him since you were 14?
Demi: I have amnesia, remember?
Selena: Oh right.. Sorry. *smiles apologetically*
Demi: Why do you even care? Do you have like a crush on Joe? *laughs*
Selena: *looks away*
Demi: Oh. My. Gosh. You do have a crush on Joe!
Selena: *puts finger to lip* Sssccchh! Yes, I like Joe. I've loved him for like, 4 years now. *smiles dreamingly*
Demi: *shakes head* Selena, you're with Justin. You love him?
Selena: Justin is really sweet and everything, but we're not in love. We're more like best friends.
Demi: What?! Then why are you with him?
Selena: *shrugs* Publicity stuff.
Demi: For a year? *raises eyebrows*
Selena: He's really sweet, but I could never think of him in that way. It's always really awkward kissing him. I swear, it's like, we have to practise before. *giggles*
Demi: *laughs* Justin is in on it too, right?
Selena: Yeah.. How was Mexico?
Demi: *shrugs* It was hot outside.
Selena: That's it? Nothing happened?
Demi: No, not really..

~2 hours later~
They land and Demi and Selena say goodbye and promise to see eachother soon.
Demi had her driver wait for her outside and soon she was home. She went straight to her bed and felt the tears building up. She already missed Sam.
Demi put this music in her ears and closed her eyes. (play the song)

Suddenly, rage overwhelmed her. Who the hell did Wilmer think he was, going around sleeping with someone else? Demi went to her table and picked up a picture of the two of them and threw it against the wall. She stood there crying watching it fall to the floor. She threw more pictures of them, against the wall. She was crying so hard she could barely breathe. Demi ran her fingers through her hair and looked at herself in the mirror. She felt digusted. Just as she was about to go back to her old routines, and purge, the phone rang. Demi woke up and realised what she was about to do. She ran to pick up the phone.
"*british accent* Hello, is this Demi Lovato speaking?"
"Hi, yes, this is she."
"Hello, Demi. It's Simon Cowell. I called to ask if you'd like to be a judge for the X- Factor?"
Demi opened her mouth but no words came out. She was stunned. Couldn't believe it.
"Oh my gosh, yeah, totally!"
"*chuckles* I'm glad to hear that. All of the judges, that's me, you , L.A Reid and Britney..."
"Britney, like in, Britney Spears?!"
"Yeah, I believe so. Anyway, we're having dinner to talk about this, next week. See you then."

Demi hung up  and jumped up on her bed screaming. She was so happy.
Demi: *calls Dianna* Mom guess what? I'm going to be a judge on this years X- Factor!"

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