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To Be Continued... Melissa Ayers 1

This chapter will be based soley from Melissa's perspectiv.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror. Studying my stomach, I slowly turned to the side and started stroking it. I wondered if my baby could feel my touch. The image of a little babygirl rushed to my head and I couldn't  help but smile. I knew she was going to be a beautiful child. It had been four months since I told Joe that he was the father and now it was August. My child's birth was estimated to be in January. I had broken up with James and I was seeing someone else. Adrian. I think I love him, and he knows that I'm pregnant. He even went with me, when I did my ultrasound. The doctor said I was expecting a girl. I had already picked out her name. January Hannah Ayers. 
"Hey," Adrian came up behind me and kissed my neck. I turned to face him and gave him a soft peck on his lips. He stroked my cheek, before he went to the fridge to get something to eat.
"There's nothing in here," he complained.
"Want to go out and eat?"
He sighed.
"I wish, but I have a meeting with my boss. I probably forgot to tell you that yesterday. Sorry."
I walked up to him and smiled to myself at his humbleness. 
"No, I'm the one that forgot. I actually remember you telling me, now. When are you leaving?"
Adrian checked his watch then groaned.
"Shit. I have to leave in, like, now."
He rushed to the wardrobe to pick something out.
"I already put out clothes for you!" I shouted to him, while making myself a cup of coffee.
"Ah, thank you babe, you're the best," he said and I choked a giggle when I heard a loud thump followed by a groan.
"Adrian, did you just fall?"
"... Yeah, I'm okay."
I started laughing and he came out of the bedroom wearing only a pair of jeans. I looked at him over my cup and raised an eyebrow.
"You forgot a shirt?"
"Oh, did I?" He kept coming closer to me.
He put his fingertips on my waist and I knew what was coming next.
"Adrian.." I said with a serious tone.
"You know what happens when you mock me," his fingertip went a bit up my ribcage.
"Seriously, please, don't," I begged him, my eyes wideopen in horror.
He shrugged, and started tickling me.
I couldn't contain myself and I burst out laughing. Between my breaths I kept screaming at him to stop.
"Please, stop!" I felt my body jump violently as I screamed in laughter.
"Say your sorry!" He commanded.
He started tickling me by my collarbones, and I started hitting him, while laughing uncontrollably. That was my weakspot.
"Okay,  okay, I'm sorry!"
He finally stopped tickling me and I recovered myself, by taking deep breaths.
"I hate when you do that."
He smiled and gave me a kiss on my cheek.
"You're cute when you laugh like that."
"And you're late for your meeting."
He gave me a crooked smile, and even though we had been together for a couple of months, my heart fluttered every time he did that.
He pulled on a black t-shirt, and just before he went out of the door, he turned to me.
"Don't go out tonight. I have something planned for you... Oh, dress nice!"
I nodded and blew him a kiss before he closed the door behind him.

I had put on my favorite dress, it was a black one, and my hear was curly waves. If i might say so myself, I looked pretty nice. I looked out of the window, and saw Adrian's car on the driveway. He got out of the car and I could see him wearing a suit. 
Thank. Goodness. I was so scared I was dressed to fancy.
A couple of minutes later he walked through the door. Just as he saw me his eyes got big, and his mouth opened slightly.
I pulled at my dress, a bit insecure, and he reached me and took my hand and spun me around. "You look lovely."
I giggled and he spun me into his arms.
"So do you," I said and stared into his eyes that were fixated on me.
"Shall we?" He said and offered his arm.
"We shall," I replied and out my hand around his arm.

When we arrived to the party, I felt a knot build up in my stomach.
We were at a birthday party.
"Adrian, I thought-"
I was interuppted by the high pitched voice of a lady in a figure hugging dress. She was about 50 years old, her hair was naturally golden, with no grey hairs in sight and the way she carried herself was very elegant.
"Adrian, darling!" She grabbed his cheeks and kissed them.
"Ah, you look so handsome," she continued, while holding him in arm distance and examinating him with a perfect smile on her lips.
"Hey, ma."
It was his mother's birthday?!
He pulled out a box wrapped in silver paper and a black bow on top, out of the blue bag he had been holding in his hand. "Happy birthday," he said in a low voice and kissed her on her cheek.
How could he not tell me to bring a gift?!
"Oh thank you dear," She hugged him back, and slowly turned to me.
"Adrian, aren't you going to introduce me?"
He put his hand on my back and made a gesture towards his mom.
"Ma, this is Melissa, Melissa this is Julie, my mom."
I forced a smile, trying hard not to let her see how embarressed I was.
"Hello, Melissa. Nice to meet you," She reached out her hand and shook mine.
"Hi, I'm so sorry I didn't bring anything. I didn't know where we were going, Adrian wouldn't tell me, and-"
She laughed and waved with her hand, as if she was trying to clear the air of all my excuses.
"Don't worry, doll. I'm just glad you're here."

The night was coming to an end, and we had so much fun. We sang to Julie, Adrian held a speech, we danced and I got to spend time with his family. They reminded me alot of my own family back in Canada.
"Bye Melissa, I hope you had fun!"
She kissed me on my cheek, once on each side.
"Yes, I did. Thank you very much for this evening, and happy birthday."
Julie smiled at me and when Adrian was talking to his brother, she leaned in and whispered in my ear.
"You're the only girl, that Adrian has brought to any family gathering. And I'm glad he did."
She pulled away and I couldn't help my heart flicker. I was the only girl his family had met.

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