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"Our love will never fade away" ♥ 36


Joe's POV:
I picked up my phone from the kitchen table and called her. I had to talk to her.
She answered after only one signal.
"Um, hi."
The silence was really awkward.
"Demi... We need to talk."
"Yeah, I know."
She knows? 
"Uh, okay. Can you meet me today?"
She paused, and I could her some weak mumbling. She was covering her phone with her hand.
"Joe, it's New Years eve."
I raised my eyebrows. I thought we were supposed to spend it together.
"So? We're meeting up later anyways, right?"

Demi's POV:
I totally forgot about the MTV New Year's Eve party.
"Yeah, about that... Can I come over?"
"Yeah, ofcourse."
"Okay, see you."
"See you lat-"

Demi had hung up.
Joe put the phone away from him and sighed.
How was he going to tell Demi that he had cheated on her and that Melissa was pregnant with his baby?!
He ran his fingers through his hair and, out of frustration, he threw his phone at the wall.
"Fuck!" He said the word with an irritated voice, and stroked his neck, while thinking.

Demi's POV:
I called his name while stuffing my phone into my purse.
"Yeah?" I could hear him coming closer.
I turned around and faced a half naked Sam, wearing only a towel wrapped arounds his lower body.
I forgot what I was about to say, and my eyes were as glued to his body, watching the drips of water slowly run down his abs...
"Where are you going?"
His raspy morning voice brought me back to reality and I looked up at his face and met his eyes. He had noticed I'd been staring at him, because he had an amused smile on his lips.
"Um, I have to meet Joe. I have to talk to him about you and me, and apparently there was something he had to tell me too."
The smile slowly dissapeared and a confused look replaced it.
"Why are you telling Joe about us?"
Oh, right. I had forgotten to tell him about Joe. Great.
"Well, when you left I was alone. I was heartbroken. And me and Joe.. You know we used to date and he just came along and when I was with him, I kind of.. healed, you know?"
I could see that Sam was struggling a bit with the new information, but he tried to keep a straight face.
"Right," he said shortly and gave me a quick kiss.
I felt a short stab in my heart, but managed to pull my lips up to a halfhearted smile.

Joe's POV:
"I just miss you, Joe."

"I miss you too, and I don't want to do this, but I have to. Do we have a deal?"
She didn't answer.
"Yeah," her reply was short and emotionless.
"So, is that a deal?"
"Yeah, sure, whatever."
I sighed.
"You know I don't want to do this, but I'm not ready to be a parent."
The following silence was filled with so much tension, I could almost touch it.
"Neither am I, Joe," she said with an ice cold voice.
"But, I have a career, and you..." I trailed off, not knowing what to say next.
"And I'm just a waitress with no future?"
I sighed, again, but with more stress this time.
"You know that's not what I meant."
"Actually Joe, there's alot of things that I thought I knew about you, but that I recenty discovered, I don't."
"No, don't 'Melissa' me. I have dreams, and I try to reach them. It might take some time, but I will get there. Acting is my passion, but not everyone were born with the same benefits in life, as you were. Luck isn't something I've had alot of experience with in my life. And the fact that I have a baby with you, is yet another example of that. You know, I've had alot of people tell me I'll never make it. Tell me that I'm not good enough, and I've convinced myself to give up. And if you are ashamed to be seen with someone who isn't famous, rich and gorgeous like Demi, than just stop calling me. Because, I will never be her. You got that? I will always be that girl struggling in life, working hard, trying to reach what she dreams about the most in life. Becoming an actress. And even though my baby will grow up without a father, he will be an amazing person when he grows up. Because I can act as both his dad AND his mom. Bye, Joe."

The line went dead.
Just then I heard someone knock, three times on the door.
I put the phone down on the table, and went to open the door. Behind it, Demi's face was revealed.
"Hi," she said.
We both stared at eachother for several seconds, before I decided to break the ice.
"Um, come in." I gestured towards the living room behind me.
She gave me a quick smile, and continued past me.
I shut the the door behind me and followed her to the couch. We sat down, opposite to eachother and I could tell something was troubling her. Another thing that I noticed was that she was wearing all black, and her face seemed... all washed out. Her eyes and nose were a bit swollen and her hair was casually tossed up in a bun.
Demi's POV:
"Dem, are you okay?" Joe asked suspiciously.
"Yeah, I'm fine," I shot him a fake smile, but I could tell that he wasn't convinced.
"I can tell when you're lying," he said and his eyes went from being distant, to warm. Just the way I loved them.
I sighed, and tried to prepare myself mentally for telling him about Wilmer's passing.
"Joe.." I started, but I couldn't even start my sentence without feeling the tears building up in my eyes, and making my eyes burn.
I fought to keep them in, but as I continued to speak, they fell down my cheeks.

"After the Halloween party.."
Joe put up his hand.
"Yeah, about that, where did you go? I tried calling you, but I couldn't get a hold of you."
I nodded. He was lying. I had checked my phone just before dad called, and I only had one message, from Rory. Joe had called me the next day.
"I got a call from my dad, and I took a cab to the hospital. Wilmer," I said with a shaky voice, but I couldn't continue because my voice failed me and I broke out in tears.
"He's gone."
I looked up at Joe. All the color was drained from his face and his mouth was slightly open.
"Fuck," he whispered and the tears in his eyes were on the verge of falling.
I wiped my nose and shrugged.
"They don't know yet."
Joe walked over to me and draped his arm over my shoulders. I rested my head on his shoulder, and we sat like that in a couple of quiet, calm, peaceful, minutes. It was a silent moment for Wilmer. We both knew he was what we were thinking of. I let out a short breath and looked at Joe. He wiped away the few tears left on my cheeks, and under my eyes, with his fingertips and we both smiled.
Suddenly, I was struck with an idea.
"Joe, do you have any candles?"
He furrowed his brows.
"Yeah, probably."
"Can you please bring two? And matches or a lighter."
He nodded and got up from my side, without asking any questions.
I got up from my seat, and took of my high heels. Then I knelt before his table.
"What are you doing?" I could hear him walk into the livingroom, behind me.
"Just put the candles on the table and come sit next to me."
Joe raised his eyebrows and mumbled an "okay..?"
But he knelt down next to me and handed me the matches.
I lit the candles and held his hand.
"Close your eyes," I commanded him.
He did as I said.
I closed my own and started praying.
"Almighty Eternal God, in Your fatherly goodness, be kind to the soul of Your servant, Wilmer Eduardo Valderrama. Cleanse him whom You have called from this world of all his faults..."

I blew out the candles and turned to Joe.
I realised he was already staring at me.
"What?" I said and giggled.
"I didn't know you knew the prayers. I'm impressed."
I laughed.
"Praying acutally helps me alot. It gets me through my tougher times."
Joe smiled and stroked my cheek. He let his hand glide down to my chin and cupped it with his hand.
"I'm gonna miss you, y'know," he murmured, almost more to himself than to me.
I met his eyes, and gazed upon him with confusion hinting in face.
"What do you mean?"
He shrugged, but didn't let his hand fall down from my cheek.
"I'm guessing you didn't come over to pray for Wilmer."
He said it as a statement, but his voice went up a bit on the end of the sentence, so that it sounded a bit like a question.
I looked down and shook my head slightly.
When looked up at him again, I noticed how his smile never left his lips.
"I still love you though."
I let out a laugh and nodded.
"I love you too."
He opened his arms, and I found my place in his embrace. I felt at home.

The truth was that we would always love eachother. Sometimes the love would take shape in friendship, but often it was more than that. Right now we loved eachother as friends, but as we lied closed to eachother, we both knew it was just a matter of time before our love took form of romance again. But the love we had for eachother, never died or faded away. It would always be there to stay.

Writer's note:
I just want to thank you all that follow this story. Seeing that people actually care about whether or not I update, really means the world to me. 
So, should Joe tell Demi about his baby?
Is Sam and Demi, better than Joe and Demi?

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