fredag 29 juni 2012

"You could just stay with me?" ♥ 23

Last Chapter: Demi was at a signing and Joe showed up. 

Sam's POV:
She was sitting in one of the chairs and next to her was a girl, about 10 years old.
She was holding a rose in her hand, and I noticed that she had a rose in her hand. 
I went up to her, with a big smile on my face.

Sam: Demi!
Demi turned around and her face immediatley lit up.
"SAM!" She screamed, and jumped in to his arms.
Sam spun her around and laughed, and put her back down on the floor.
They looked into eachother's eyes with big smiles on their faces.
Demi: Gosh, I missed you so much. *strokes his cheek*
Sam: I honestly think I missed you much more. *laughs*
Demi remember Maddie was sitting right next to her, so she pointed at her and said: "Oh right, um this is my little sister, Maddie." Sam shook her hand and smiled at her. "I like your blue hair." Maddie touched her hair without being aware of it and blushed.
"Thanks..." She mumbled and grabbed Demi's hand.
Sam: I'm gonna go and try to find a cab.
Demi: Where are you staying?
Sam: *shrugs* I don't know. Four seasons? 
Demi: *raises eyebrows* Whoa.. Or you know.. You could just stay with me?
Sam: *stops walking and turns around* Really?
Demi: Yeah, it'll be fun. Two besties sharing a house..
Sam started chuckling. Demi gave him a gentle push.
Demi: What?
Sam: Did you say besties?
Demi: Yeah. We are besties, aren't we?
Sam put his arm around her shoulder and kissed her on her forehead.
Sam: Ofcourse.

They found a taxi and while Maddie was playing with Demi's hair, she whispered in her ear: "I like Sam more than Wilmer."
Demi giggled and leaned in close to her. "He likes you too."
Demi: Yay, finally home!

Joe's POV:
I sat down on the chair and sighed.
"A double vodka on the rocks."
The bartender nodded and started making my drink.
I felt a tickle in my ear and the smell of perfume.
"Hey baby. Missed me?" She whispered in my ear and leaned forward from behind, so that her hand could glide down my chest.
I spun around on my chair and smiled.
I stood up and kissed her on the cheek.
Jenna and I had known eachother since we were teenagers, when she moved to my neighbor hood from London and when she turned 19 she got a modelling contract and moved  to New York.
She was very succesful and lots of fun to hang around.
She looks like this:

Jenna: So, how are you love? Are you and Demi still hitting it off?
Joe: How do you know about Demi?
Jenna: Don't you think I've been keeping an eye on you? So tell me, how is she?
Joe looked down and swiped another shot.
Jenna: Hm.. Love problems. *runs her fingers through joe's hair* Cheer up mate, there will always be other girls.
Joe shook his head.
"No. There won't be. Jenna, she's special. I love her."
Jenna looked at him for a minute before she shrugged and said, "If you two are meant to be, it'll happen. Now, let's dance."

Demi and Sam were watching American Idol on the TV and eating pizza.
Demi put her head on his shoulder and sighed. "This is awesome."
Sam nodded and smiled. He got silent and Demi felt something was wrong.
She looked at him with worried eyes and nudged him.
"Hey, what's wrong?"
Sam sighed and tried to brush it off.
"No, nothing's wrong."
Demi made him look at her.
"I can tell when you're lying. Tell me."
Sam put down his pizza slice and turned to Demi.
"I told you I work in the music industry, right?"
Demi nodded.
"Well, I had a long talk with your dad and..."


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