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"I haven't stopped thinking about you." ♥ 21

Last Chapter: Wilmer got invited over to Demi's house to celebrate her being a judge on the X-Factor. He was about to tell her something important about Gabriella before Dallas interrupted...

Demi pulled Wilmer into her bedroom and shut the door behind her.
Demi: No one is here. You can tell me now.
Wilmer: *sighs* Gabriella and I have known eachother our whole lives. We grew up together.
Demi: You're not saying...?
Wilmer: Yeah, Gabriella was my sister. I had a great childhood, but Gabriella... not so much. Our dad would beat her and touch her, inappropiatley.
Demi sat down next to him, with her heart racing and a shocked expression on her pale face.
Wilmer: But when she turned 15, we finally knew why she had been treated like an outcast. She wasn't my father's daughter. She was my aunt's daughter, my cousin. And when my aunt died, my mother took Gabriella to our house and loved her just like her own daughter. Unfortunatley, my father was veryupset about the fact that he had to feed anouther mouth, another child that wasn't even his, and he took out all of his rage at Gabriella.
Demi noticed Wilmer's eyes were filled with tears, and so were hers.
She stroked his cheek and held his shaking hands in hers.
Demi: *whispers* Why didn't just tell me the truth?
Wilmer:When she found out about her biological mother, she ran away from home. And we hadn't seen her since, until the day you came. It was such a big shock, and I couldn't tell you the true story. I was too devestated. I mean I have a nephew I don't know about.
Demi wiped away the tears that were slowly trickling down his cheeks. They both looked at eachother and Demi smiled, with tears in her eyes.
Wilmer: I'm so sorry princess.
Demi: No, I am sorry. *hugs him* I shouldn't have believed her.
Wilmer: It's okay. And why are you sorry? You never did anything wrong. Oh Demi, I haven't stopped thinking about you.
Demi: *turns away* Err.. Wilmer. When we broke up, I kind of... went out with another guy.
Wilmer looked down with a sad face.
Wilmer: Was it anything serious?
Demi: I don't know. It could've been, but now when you've told me the truth, everything has changed. Oh, I don't know what to do.
Wilmer planted a soft kiss on the side of her lips and looked at her with tender eyes.
Wilmer: Whoever you choose... I will always love you. Here.
He picked up his bag from the floor and brought out a bracelet.
Wilmer: Here is my promise. *puts on the bracelet*

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