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"But does Sam love you?" ♥ 30

~At Joe's house, two hours later~

Demi's POV:
I put my hand on Joe's cheek and smiled sadly.
'Although it means alot to hear you say that... I'm with Sam now.'
Joe sighed and looked down.
'But does he love you?'
But does Sam love me?
I took a step back, of surprise.
It was as if Joe had read my minds, over the past few weeks.
Joe opened his mouth to apologize, but I put my finger to his lips.

Joe's POV:
Demi looked at me and shrugged hopelessly.
'I don't know, Joe. He hasn't called me once since he...'
She paused, and looked away and I could see her lip started to tremble.
'Hey...' I stroke her cheek with my thumb and made her look at me. Her brown eyes were filled with tears, but she continued her sentence. She bit her lip.
'He left me, because of something that happened two weeks ago.'
I nodded trying to understand.
'So you've broken up? I said carefully, with a little smile.
Demi laughed through her tears and slapped me, friendly, on my arm.
'I don't know..' She said and sighed. She walked over to the couch, and sat down.
I followed her, and watched as she sat silently, thinking. She was so beautiful.

Demi's POV:
Did Sam love me? I mean, I had heard him talk to another girl on the phone... And he hadn't even called me back. Not once. Maybe, I should just forget about him...
I looked up at Joe who was looking back at me, with calm eyes.
I smiled and remembered how much we had been through, together. Wait... What? Oh my gosh. I remembered. I remembered Joe and me in Camp Rock. I remember that night when we first kissed. I remember when he sent roses to my house, with a card that said: 'Will you be mine?' I remembered his long hair. I remembered how he held my hand at the red carpets. I remember the tour. I remember when I told him about my cutting. I remember how he told me to seek help. I remember when I woke up at the hospital, and his face was the first I saw. I remembered everything.

Joe's POV:
Demi had an empty expression on her face. Her eyes suddenly got wideopen and she laughed a little. As if she was surprised.
'I remember,' she whispered, mostly to herself.
'What are you talking about?' I sat down next to her, and held her warm hand in mine.
She turned to me, smiling, with a releived expression on her face.
'Joe.. I remember you. I remember our whole time together. My memory is back!'
Did I hear her right? Demi hugged me tight, but I was too shocked to react.
She pulled away and looked at me with a huge smile on her face.
'So...' I cleared my throath, 'What does this mean? You know, for us?'
Demi put her hand around my neck and played with my hair, while looking deep into my eyes.
'It's you, Joe. It has always been you.'
I cupped her face in my hand, and I kissed her. The kiss was long, and soft. It got more passionate and Demi moaned of satisfaction when my tounge entered past her lips.
'I love you,' I whispered.

Demi's POV:
'I love you,' Joe said while slowly pulling away.
I looked into his brown eyes, and for the first time, since I loat my memory, I knew I could say it and mean it.
'I love you too, Joe.' 

DEMI AND JOE ARE BACK TOGETHER!!!! What do you guys think of their relationship? Boring, or romantic?? Tell me on twitter or in the comment section down below :)

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