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"It's a warning." ♥ 32

Melissa's POV:
I knocked on the door to Demi's dressing room. There was a quick 'Come in!', and I opened the door. Sitting on the couch was James. I could feel my heart flutter, but I ignored it and went over to Demi who was almost finished getting her make up done. She looked over her shoulder and broke into a smile as she saw me.
I walked over to her and hugged her. 
'How are you?' She asked me as we pulled away.
'I'm doing fine,' I said and answered her smile. 'Hey, I just met Joe and he told me the two of you were back together?'
Demi opened her mouth to answer me, but his deep voice cut in.
'Ha! So it was you and Joe?'

Demi's POV:
James looked at me with an expression of triumph.
'Shut up,' I mutter and roll my eyes.
Melissa looks at me with a confused face.
I lean in closer to her.
'You can tell him and Naomi are related,' I whispered and made a disgusted face.
Melissa threw her head back and let out a sing-song laugh.
She made a gesture for me to come closer. I did, and she put her lips next to my ear.
'He's my boyfriend,' she whispered back in my ear.
I stared at her with wide eyes.
'Oh... Um, sorry,' I said embarrased and I could feel my cheeks and ears growing hot.
Melissa laughed, clearly amused, and went to sit in James lap.
'Hey babe,' he said and gave her a long, lingering kiss. I looked at them in confusion.
Melissa could do so much better.

We we're filming the last scene.
- 'Action!'
Joe came up to me, with a sexy smile.
- Hey, he said and let his hand run down my dress.
I slapped his hand away, and turned around, but with a hint of a smile on my lips.
Joe pinned me against a wall and our faces were only inches apart.
- Stop fighting it Donna. I know you want me.
- Babe, I've been with you. Twice. And you're ego is bigger than... I looked down meaningly. Joe chuckled and his lips smashed against mine. It slowly turned to passionatley kissing. He placed kisses on my neck and I let out a sigh.
Our eyes met and we both smiled.
- 'Let's bring these witches down,' Joe said and I nodded.

At the end of the episode, Naomi, Melissa and Raven (the witches on the show) cast a spell on me and Joe so that we are frozen for eternity.

We just wrapped up filming! Joe comes over and kisses me, infront of everyone. I let my tounge slide across his bottom lip, teasingly, before I pulled away. Joe pouted, wanting more, and I giggled at his cuteness.
- 'Yo, can I have your attention for a sec?'
Me and Joe both turned around, just to see James with his hands cupped around his mouth, shouting. Melissa was standing next to him, smiling.
- 'So I'm having a halloween party at my place tonight, and you can all come.'
Everyone at the set cheered and clapped their hands.
James walked past the crowd, giving high fives and so on.
When he reached me, he leaned in and whispered in my ear.
 - 'You can come too, babe.' he said, teasing me.
I rolled my eyes, and he smiled. I noticed how blue his eyes were, and how his lips curved when he smiled. I bet he had alot of girls over at his house every night. Probably models.
- 'What'd he say?' Joe asked, squeezing my hand a bit tighter.
His jealousy was adorable.
- 'He's just being a jerk,' I said and kissed him on the cheek reassuringly.
Just as I pulled back, I saw Naomi Sparks, his sister, walk towards me.
She had her arms crossed her chest, and her lips were decorated with a knowing smile.
- 'What?'
She put her hands up, as if in defense.
- 'Whoa, Demi. I'm just here to apologize.'
I snorted.
- 'Yeah right.'
She raised one eyebrow, still smiling.
- 'I'm serious.'
I took a step closer to her and lowered my voice.
- 'I don't know what it is you're doing, but I'll let you know right now, there is nothing you can say that'll make me like or atleast not hate you.' I paused and thought back at what she had done, spreading that rumor. That night, tabloids were saying I had allegedly punched her so that she had to go to the hospital. Some even went as far as accusing me of punching her because I was jealous, and because my 'insecurities' were getting way out of hand. I turned around to find Joe, but gave her one last thing to remember. 'Watch your back, Sparks.' I said her name with disgust.
She threw her head back and laughed.
- 'Is that a threath?'
I shook my head slowly.
- 'It's a warning.'
And finally the smug smile was wiped from her bright pink lips. She glared at me and I walked away.
Joe was talking to some blonde girl. I walked up to him and put my arm around his.
- 'Oh, hey,' he said and bent down to kiss me. 'What was that all about?'
I looked over my shoulder, back to Naomi who was talking to James. Our eyes met, but she quickly looked away. I turned back to Joe.
- 'I took care of it.'

Naomi's POV:
That bitch is going to pay for it. The halloween party will be her worst nightmare.

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